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Expectations for Seniors on April 12th School Day -

posted Apr 5, 2016, 8:31 AM by Massabesic highschool
Hi All! As you read in our last Weekly Memo, MOST Seniors will not be having school this coming Tuesday, April 12th as our Juniors will be taking the SAT. We hope those that have the day off use this time in a positive manner!

The following seniors will have school for part of the day:

Senior SRTC students will need to only go to their regularly scheduled SRTC Program this day. They will have their regularly scheduled bus run from MHS. They only need to be here for SRTC!

The following seniors will have school for the entire day:

- Those students who are currently failing a course and need to take advantage of this time to work on classwork and/or complete "Redo and Retake" opportunities from their teachers!

Seniors who MUST report to school on April 12th because they are failing should know this, but will also be notified by their teacher, Guidance and Administration. Parents & Guardians will also be notified. A process for deciding where students will work, either in classrooms or in study hall will be finalized in the next few days and shared with you. 

Presently, I am sorry to say, we have several seniors in academic difficulty and they can't afford to lose this work-time, they must be here! If a senior who we say needs this time decides to skip the day, they will forfeit the opportunity to make up this work and will only be able to make up work in Credit Recovery SUMMER School after graduation! This means they will NOT graduate and march with their class on June 9th!

Please help make sure your son or daughter is at MHS on June 9th if they need to be here. Thanks!

My best,

Christian M. Elkington