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Senior Meeting Memo 5-22-12

posted May 28, 2012, 4:47 PM by Massabesic highschool   [ updated May 28, 2012, 4:49 PM ]

To: Students of the Class of 2012
From: Brendan Scully and John Morin
Re: Important events and information!
Date: 5-22-12

Senior Finals/Senior Week Schedule:

May 31th: Final Exams Blk 4-5
June 1st: Final Exams Blk 1-2-3
Jun 4th: Class Trip
4:45am arrive at MHS
5:00am Buses Depart MHS
8:00pm Buses Return to MHS
June 5th: Marching Practice (8:00am-1:00pm)
Possible lunch provided 1pm
June 6th: Marching Practice (8:00am-1:00pm)
Senior Night (6:00pm-10:15 pm)
5:00pm Seniors arrive at MHS and meet in the Auditorium
6:00pm Senior Awards and Slide Show
Following the awards presentation refreshments in the Café
9:00pm-10:15pm Hypnotist for Seniors only
June 7th: Graduation
4:15pm Seniors meet in the Auditorium
4:30pm Load the buses (all seniors MUST travel on buses)
4:45pm Depart MHS for Civics Center
6:00pm Arrive at Civic Center, Doors open to public
7:00pm Graduation Begins
Following Graduation students depart for Project Graduation
5:30am Students arrive back at MHS from Project Graduation

Marching Practice:

1. Marching practice is mandatory, scheduled for 3 days but if things go well
we can cut it to 2.
2. Students who miss parching practice do not go to graduation. You must
be at each practice.

Tickets/ Caps & Gowns for graduation:

1. All tickets will be distributed at the conclusion of the last day of marching
2. Ticket info – 2 on the floor, 10 general admission
3. Requests for extras made after 1st day of marching practice, if you are not
using all of your tickets please turn in the extras
4. Caps and gowns are given out on the last day of marching practice to those
who do not have any outstanding obligation monetary obligations (Class
Dues, fines, lost books etc…)

Graduation at the Civic Center:

1. Special seating – wheel chair, handicap, hearing impaired, etc… requests
made after 1st day of marching practice
2. Parking – in nearby garages and lots $3-$6 dollars, handicap drop-off on the
Spring St entrance

Dress Code for under gowns:

1. Girls – light color dress or skirt and top, otherwise will show thru white
gown, comfortable shoes or sandals,
2. Boys – dress pants or khakis with button down shirt, tie looks good but
not required, comfortable shoes
3. No jeans, shorts, flip flops, boots, sneakers
4. Caps may be decorated but tastefully, admin has final approval