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1-25-12 Letter from the Principal to Parents and Guardians

posted Jan 29, 2012, 9:46 AM by Massabesic highschool   [ updated Jan 29, 2012, 9:48 AM ]

Dear Parents and Guardians:


Please find a quiet moment to review the following as several important dates, celebrations and points of information are being shared in this letter. Thanks very much!


Important Dates:


-        1-27-12 & 1-28-12                                    District One Music Festival at Noble HS

-        1-31-12 – 2-3-12                                       Sophomores visit SRTC for school tours

-        2-1-12                                                       12-13 Program of Studies published online

-        2-2-12                                                        Early Release Day

-        2-4-12                                                        “Honky-Tonk” Dance 7:00 – 10:00 PM

-        2-10-12                                                      12-13 Course Selection Sheets handed out in Advisory

-        2-10-12                                                      Progress Reports handed out to students in Advisory

-        2-10-12 & 2-11-12                                     Southwestern Swimming Championships

-        2-15-12                                                      Winter Concert 7:00 PM

-        2-16-12                                                      NJROTC Annual Inspection

-        2-16-12                                                      MHS Unplugged

-        2-17-12                                                      MHS Wellness Day

-        2-20-12 – 2-24-12                                      Winter Break

-        3-1-12                                                        Createau’s Make-up Pictures for new or lost IDs

-        3-2-12                                                        Course Selections for 12-13 handed in to Guidance

-        3-3-12                                                        Winter Ball 7:00 – 11:00 PM


Student absences and calling home – To better support parents and guardians knowing if their son or daughter hasn’t arrived at MHS we are starting a new system. Parents and guardians will now receive a call after BLK 1, between 8:30 – 9:00 AM when their son or daughter is not present for BLK 1. This change will mean that parents and guardians will receive two calls per day when their son or daughter is absent as we will continue to make the evening call. Since we can only use one phone number in our system parents and guardians will need to let us know if they want calls to go to their cell phone instead of a home number, as many of you will be at work and not at home when the first call is made. Please call or email us at MHS to let us know if you want the number now being called changed. Thanks!


Honored Student-Athlete of the week - Is a new initiative being started in the athletic department to recognize student-athletes academic, athletic and/or civic contributions in our community. Selected students will be highlighted in the display case outside the Activities Director’s Office and have their name added to a new section being created on our MHS Athletics Webpage. Congratulations go to Sam Chaves for being the first MHS student-athlete selected!


MHS ALL Academic – Southern Maine Athletic Association (SMAA) Fall Student-Athletes for MHS: Cheering - Caroline Chapais & Melissa Vigue, Cross Country - Kaitlyn Aboud & Maggie Lee, Field Hockey - Lindsey Decker, Samantha Emmons & Courtney Picone, Football - Sam Chaves, Lucas Roy & Ben Polcaro, Girls Soccer - Savannah Arral, Tori Doty, Stephanie Guay, Holly Ledoux & Ceara Pelletier, Boys Soccer - Matt Bullard & Kevin Hutchens. SUPER JOB!



M-Shirt Recognitions:


Samantha Emmons was honored at the Maine Field Hockey Association Luncheon Sunday December 4th for ALL-State Honors.  Samantha was recognized with players from across the state. Samantha was also selected First Team All SMAA for Field Hockey and named to the SMAA All Academic Team. This “M” Shirt is for you Samantha!


Several MHS Students were chosen – As Outstanding SRTC Students during the First and Second Quarters at Sanford Regional Technical Center. These efforts have earned the following “M” Shirt recognition:


Quarter One – Daniel Allaire (Automotive Technology), Kristin Lambert (Graphic Arts) and Jessica Bennett (Health Occupations)


Quarter Two – Brady Goodwin (Computer Aided Drafting), Shantel Giguere (Health Occupations), Skylar Gallant & Sophia DeAguilar (Pre-Engineering/ Robotics), James Turgeon (Precision Manufacturing) and Ryan Rutledge (Computer & Network Systems).


Way to go!


Three cheers go to Chelsea Kendrick who acted as a respectful and responsible young adult by recognizing bullying and stepping in for a student in difficulty! We are proud to award Chelsea an "M" Shirt for her efforts Chelsea!


College Night for Juniors – Is returning! In order to get a jump-start on the college process the MHS Guidance Dept. is sponsoring a college night for juniors and their parents and guardians on Thursday, March 22nd from 7:00 – 9:00 PM. This evening will review: The College Application Process, Naviance our integrated software support, Financial Aid, Early College for ME and Dual Enrollment along with AP/SAT/ACT  & Accuplacer Testing. Please save this date!


NJROTC Special Teams – Displayed superior performance in the Greater New England All Navy Drill League Competition! Schools from New England participated in the competition with MHS Cadets performing very well in the following categories:


Physical Fitness Team – 1st Place, led by Junior Jazmyn Ireland

Personnel Inspection – 2nd Place, led by Senior Scott O’Brien

NS-1 Cadet Regulations – 3rd Place, led by Freshman Jackie Murray

Armed Platoon Drill – 3rd Place, led by Junior Jazmyn Ireland

Individual Award – Earned by Jacob Corbeil


Thanks to all for representing your families, our school, yourselves and our nation with distinction!


An important goal for MHS – We started an Intervention program two years ago. Our objective was to develop multiple options for students struggling with their learning or coming to school. These were students who:


o   Were close to passing and needed to make up standards and/or skills not yet learned

o   Had tried, not yet succeeded and needed more time to complete standards or skills

o   Had not made much effort (disenfranchised students) and needed to refocus on their learning and needed to start taking advantage of the new options.


We now have a plan and system in place. Several schools have contacted us about using parts of our plan and the documents we have created. We are not resting on what has been created and are constantly looking at ways to improve what we have. What we are now finding is that these efforts will only work to their potential if the student, parent/guardian and our school share the responsibility for them. A 33%, 33%, 33% sharing in responsibility for increased student success between our school, student in need, and home is the best chance to give our kids who are struggling opportunities for the increased success they must have!


We are finding that many of our students and their families are NOT taking advantage of the intervention opportunities created. We are ‘checking and adjusting” our present efforts to improve follow-through, home-school communication and increase participation.


Sanford Regional Technical Center – Announced that the following MHS Students earned Perfect Attendance for the First Semester: Kelvin Bailey (Digital Design), Zachary Gagnon (Media Communications), Mathew Dunham (Precision Manufacturing), Benjamin Gammon & Alec Mariello (Residential Wiring) and Zachary Gile (Welding & Fabrication). Great job!


Twelve MHS Advisory Groups – Collected 10 boxes of canned goods, non-perishables, clothing and gift items before our December break for the York County Shelter! Special thanks goes to the following Advisory Groups for making this effort: Ms. Jandebeur, Dr. Stickney, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Swett, Mr. Bowen, Mr. Billings, Mr. Doyle, Mrs. Myers-Burch, Mr. St. Jarre, Mrs. Conlon, Mr. Hazen and Mr. Cote's Advisory. Super job!


Student IDs – Are an important tool in supporting a more respectful and responsible environment and culture in schools with large student populations. As you can imagine, it is impossible for individual staff members and administrators to remember everyone’s name in a school with over 1100 students. When student guests come from other schools to MHS events such as dances it is also most important that they clearly identify themselves to us with an ID.


New students or those who have lost their IDs will be able to take their picture on March 1st. We will provide opportunities to purchase every four to six weeks.


The need for immediate identification is especially important in difficult situations when tempers fly or when students decide to not follow expectations and/or get in difficulty. School staff must be able to immediately ask students to identify themselves with their ID and/or expect students to honestly indentify themselves by showing their ID so that we don’t get into a more disrespectful situation. Starting in April:


-       Students will be expected to show their MHS ID at school when asked by a staff member.

-       Students will be expected to show their MHS ID in order to get into our dances.

-       Dance guests will be expected to either show either their school ID or a picture ID to get into our dances.


Our school’s new expectation is no different from many of the places that you and I now work in and/or that our students will be expected to work and/or live in shortly. We look forward to the above making for a more respectful environment at MHS in the weeks, months and years ahead!


Three cheers - Go to John Secunde for being accepted into the UMass High School Honors Band. John was selected from hundreds of applicants from around New England. Great job John!


MHS Alumni shared the following – About life at college during our Alumni Talk before our December break:


Top Ten Tips:

1.     Expect it to be difficult and be PROACTIVE with asking questions.

2.     Find a way to organize your time…one of our alumni even made a daily calendar

3.     Extra curricular activities are great and a fun way to meet people outside of class, but don’t over commit.

4.     Consider college an “investment in yourself” (Tyler Morin) and take advantage of every opportunity, including Internships. As a result of this…many of our Senior Alumni already have jobs when they will graduate that stemmed from their Internships.

5.     AP classes do matter…if credit is earned, it can be a tremendous time and money saver

6.     Scholarships (and keeping them) can depend on earning a certain GPA…”it’s a great motivator to do well.” (Elizabeth Mulcahy)

7.     Roommates can be a challenge! COMPROMISE is the name of the game.

8.     Professors genuinely want you to do well…but the onus is on you. Their door is open…but you must take the first step.

9.     If you don’t know the answer to something …find someone who does. From Financial Aid to RA’s …there are built in systems that are there to help.

10.  “When I went to college, I knew exactly what I wanted to study…until I changed my mind. What was important was picking a college that had available the areas of study that were of interest to me! That way when I changed my major focus, I was able to do it easily.” (Owen Cunnane)

Special thanks goes to the following MHS Alumni who gave their time to our students:


Owen Cunnane        2008             UMFK                                                 Environmental Science

Brady Harrison        2011             Maine Maritime Academy        Marine Engineering

Josh McDowell        2011             Norwich University                             Military Science/Engineering

Tyler Morin             2008             WPI                                           Chemical Engineering

Elizabeth Mulcahy  2011              Stonehill College                               Health Care Administration

Anthony  Stolo        2011              WPI                                           Chemical Engineering

Joshua Tharpe         2011              Western New England College Forensic Science

Corey Wakefield     2010              Husson College                           Criminal Justice

Deedra Zeeh            2011              USM                                           Computer Engineering



SMAA ALL CONFERENCE 2011 FALL ATHLETIC AWARDS – Were awarded to the following MHS Student-Athletes:


Cross Country

-       SMAA First Team All Conference - Jocelyn Acheson & Gabrielle Johnson

-       SMAA Second Team All Conference - Mikayla Frazier, Chelsey Kendrick, George Morrison & Cody Vachon.                 


Field Hockey

-       SMAA First Team All Conference- Samantha Emmons & Alex Staples

-       SMAA Second Team All Conference- Kaelyn Kuni

-       SMAA All Rookie Team- Shawna Robert

-       SMAA Honorable Mention- Taylor Bergeron

-       SMAA Coach of the Year- Michelle Martin-Moore


-       SMAA Second Team All Conference Quarterback- Jake Derosiers & All Conference Running Back- Sam Chaves

-       SMAA Assistant Coach of the year - Joe Bush


Girls Soccer

-       SMAA All Conference Honorable Mention- Holly Ledoux

-       SMAA Coach of the Year – Kevin St. Jarre


A BIG well done to you all!


The following MHS Juniors and Seniors – Earned induction into the MHS National Honor Society right before the holidays for demonstrating outstanding academic, leadership and community efforts:


Taylor Beaulieu, Jessica Bennett, Jonna Casoli, Nicholas Evans, Alyssa Gilman, Matthew Girourd, Erica Guimond, Kassidy Hill, Audrey Hoyle, Jazmyn Ireland, Kristin Lambert, Hailey Marnell, Mallory McLaughlin, Baxter Parent, Madeline Sanborn, Catherine Shaw, Katherine Sobanik, Andrea Thompson, Madeline Waugh, Daniel Welch, Shawna Alexander, Megan Barrett, Lucas Bolender, Arlyn Boulard, Aleeshia Carroll, Sam Chaves, Kati Duncan, Samantha Emmons, Callista-Anne Hansen, Shawn McCarthy, Alexandria Metayer, Meryl Richardson, Dustin Sage, Aria Tonini, Jessica Vallee and Taylor Wakefield.


Congratulations for your hard work and dedication! Well-done!


The following MHS Students were selected as November’s Honored Students:


Lacie Alley, Ryan Audy, Amber Bantz, Brianna Bean, Jessica Bennett, Audrey Bergeron, Janelle Boisvert, Chadd Boonen, Joshua Boutin, Devin Bowles, Olivia Bradley, Dustin Burnham, Bri Chamberlain, Britany Chamberlain, Sam Chaves, Carissa Cline, Jeremy Colello, Courtney Couture, Shayna Davis, Jacob Desrochers, Kimberly Domingo, Elisha Dubowik, Julianne Dumond, Robert Duncan, Cody Emrich, Bria Fales, Zachary Gagnon, Alyssa Goodwin, Jacqueline Guillemette, Ben Hamilton, James Hill, Nathan Hill, Dana Howe, Matt Hunt, Kevin Hutchens, Jazmyn Ireland, Cory Jernigan, Sara Kelley, Audrey Kimball, Mira Kuni, Kaylena Lanoie, Emily Mee, Levi Mee, Nicole Mercier, Alexandria, Metayer, Andrew Mongiat, Haley Monroe, Chelsey Moore, Richard Murphy, Brittany Plante, Branden Pratt, Avery Ring, Ashley Rondeau, Savannah Roy, Ryan Sapiel, Rebecca Smith, Natalie Sorensen, Scott Stearns, Andy Sylvain, Cote Taylor, Katie Tarbox, Andrea Thompson, Dakotah Thornton, Tyler Vance, Brittany Vincent, Madeline Waugh and Collin Winkel! Well-done!




Very truly yours,



Christian M. Elkington