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1-6-15 Parent/Guardian Note

posted Jan 13, 2015, 7:28 AM by Massabesic highschool

January 6, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians:

On behalf of the staff of Massabesic High School I wish you and your family a safe,

enjoyable and rewarding 2015! We have great kids at MHS and look forward to the best

from them in 2015!

During the winter months, life in Maine and away from our school can get more difficult

for many of our students, and you their parents and guardians. The difficult economic

times that many face, can make this time of year a time of despair for some as socialemotional

distress does get heightened during the winter. Please know that we are here to

assist as best we can. Working together, we will support your sons and daughters through

difficult times. I can say this based on my experiences as your principal. I have always

found the staff of MHS a caring, considerate and understanding group of professionals

who go above and beyond when needed. We ARE here to help!

Along with our main goal of meeting student academic needs we also must work with

students with social-emotional needs as well as those not making healthy choices. If

prevention is not possible then getting to concerns as early as possible is our next best

option. Getting to concerns quickly can only happen with and through good

communication. The more information our staff has, updates and “you should know”

calls, and/or emails, will only aid us in supporting your sons and daughters. We ask that

you please keep us, through your son or daughter’s guidance counselor, in the loop when

a concern comes to your attention. Nine times out of ten concerns from home and away

from school make it to MHS. If you give us a heads up we will be better prepared to deal

with the concern or need and better able to support your son or daughter when they arrive

each day. Added patience and understanding are sometimes the best virtues we can

supply your son or daughter and are increased by us being in the “Know.” Thanks very

much for this assistance!

Important dates:

- 1-13-15 Last possible day for Credit Recovery School

- 1-15-15 Early Release Day

Project Graduation Meeting, 6:00 PM in the MHS Library

- 1-16-15 Winter Activities Rally 1:00 PM

- 1-16-15 Progress Reports & Parent/Guardian Conference info handed to students

- 1-19-15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day No School

- 2-5-15 Parent Conferences 3:15 – 7:00 PM

Early Release Day

- 2-11-15 FAFSA Help night 6:00 PM for seniors and their parents

- 2-12-15 “YOU CAN GET THERE FROM HERE” 6:30 – 8:00 PM

- 2-13-15 Last-day to order yearbooks (SENIORS!!!!!) Must be paid in full!

MHS Staff Holiday Fund – Once again was a great success! We received personal

donations and funds totaling over $2,500.00. Funds not only went to gift cards for nearly

50 students this year, but also to support a family in dire need. MHS Staff cares about

our students and families!

MHS Students wrote nearly – 1000 holiday cards before the break sharing best wishes

to the following: Nursing Home Residents, Local First Responders (Fire, Rescue, Police),

Children at the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, Members of the Armed Services along

with cards to a young lady w/ a terminal brain condition. MHS Students care about our


It appears that – A severe flu bug may be starting to grab hold in Maine. If your son or

daughter is having multiple health difficulties we urge you to keep them home. If they are

getting better or are just seeing the onset of something that could be the flu we urge you

to make sure your son or daughter comes to school, but that when they are home they rest

etc. I know this last part is easy to ask, but sometimes harder to make happen. Time at

school is important and so taking measures at home such as extra rest, more fluids and

extra hand washing will reduce or eliminate the chances of catching the flu. Thanks!

Parent-Teacher Conferences – For the Winter Trimester will be held on Thursday,

February 5th. Students will receive sign up forms with their progress report next week.

Forms are also available on the MHS Website as well as in our guidance office.

FAFSA Financial Aid Help Night – Will be on Wednesday, February 11th from 6:00 –

8:00 PM. This is for seniors and their parents and guardians to get help filling out the

FAFSA Form. Please take this opportunity for added assistance!

“YOU CAN GET THERE FROM HERE” – Is an evening for college-bound students

in Grades 9 - 11 and their parents/guardians to discuss next steps. Please join us on

Thursday, February 12 from 6:30 – 8:00 PM in the Auditorium at MHS. Thanks!

The 2015 Yearbook – Can still be purchased, but must be paid in full by February 13th.

You can purchase online at www.jostens.com or you can use the order form previously

sent out. Books must be ordered and paid in full by February vacation; we will not

be ordering extra yearbooks.

Bravo to the following MHS – Students who were accepted to perform in the Maine

All-State Band and Orchestra this coming May! This is our largest group earning these

honors in years. This is a very competitive process and our students have demonstrated

that they are among the best in the State of Maine: Erin Leach (piccolo, orchestra), Justin

Leach (principal trombone, orchestra), Devin Adams (principal bassoon, band), Mitchell

Thayer (bass clarinet, band) and Olivia Whitehouse (clarinet, band). WOW!!!!!

Congratulations go to our new members – Of the National Honor Society! Earning this

honor are: Sierra Arral, Nathan Baert, Haley Bantz, Alyssa Bryan, Alecia Connolly,

Hannah Duffy, Cassandra Duranceau, Melysa Haskell, Faith Hoyle, Elizabeth Leclerc,

Keilly Lynch, Nicole Mercier, Roshelle Morrison, Sebastiana Mosher, Jane Pettit,

Zachary Pitts, Haley Poulin, Matt Prokey, Margaret Redman, Ashley Russell, Madison

Russell, William Secunde, Rebecca Smith, Erica Suttles, Mitchell Thayer, Emily Wasina

and Kelley Wescott! SUPER job!!!!

Old friend Klara Blazejovska – A Czech Republic Foreign Exchange student from

2013-2014 was seen in Europe by an MHS member over the break. She was found

sharing with other Europeans how awesome America and her American high school was.

Klara is heading toward a career in International Law. Thanks to all who made her

experience one to remember!

Our MHS Cross - Country Teams – Coaches, parents, guardians and families were

thanked, on behalf of the Foundation for Mitochondrial Medicine, for their support to

raise awareness for Mitochondrial Disease during this past race season. The Massabesic

Cross Country Teams took their support to the next level by dedicating this season to

raise awareness! Well-done Mustangs!

Over the holidays – Some of our students receive or purchase very expensive gifts such

as electronics, jewelry, sneakers etc. Students obviously don’t deserve to lose items such

as these so please remind your son or daughter the following MUSTS:

- Keep them home

- Lock them in your car

- Sign out a school lock for gym class and keep them locked up

- Use your school locker to store them and make sure you shut and lock it.

I am sorry to say that every year we have students, parents and guardians coming to us

distraught and upset that something is either missing or has been stolen. Please know we

investigate all acts of stealing, but there is not usually all that much we can do.

A Hot water problem – At MHS is being fixed. Over the last several months we have

been trying to rectify a hot water issue. We now need to put in a new water heater. This

work will be completed over the MLK Weekend, Jan 16-19. On Friday, January 16th we

will only have cold water during the school day. Lunches will not be affected. Over this

weekend water will not be available at differing times during the day.

We just made - A safety change at MHS before the break. The outside door entrance that

says "Auditorium" at the West Building, by the student parking lot is now locked.

Students are now using the Gym entrance from the parking lot. Parents, guardians and

visitors must use the main office entrance at the West! Thanks!

"Please Hold in Place" - Is a phrase students and staff will probably start to hear come

across our loudspeakers in the future. If we have a situation going on somewhere within

our buildings that is not a school-wide emergency, but a concern that needs to be handled

by administration for a period of time, then students and staff will hear "Please Hold In

Place". We would do this instead of calling for a lockdown. “Hold In Place” means that

students and staff need to stay in their classrooms or offices until the all clear is given.

Some students have asked, “Am I tardy still Tardy - To class if I don't need a note

from the main office?” The answer is Yes! Just because a student doesn't need a note

from the main office before 7:50 AM each morning, doesn't mean they are not tardy. If a

student gets to class at 7:31, 7:34, 7:42 etc. they are tardy!

Former MHS Graduate Andrea Thompson – Is now currently living in Fairbanks

Alaska and working full time as a Surgical Technologist at the Surgery Center of

Fairbanks. Prior to graduation, Andrea was one of only 15 students accepted into Maine

Medical Center's School of Surgical Technology. During an intense 12-month program

she excelled and then passed the National AST (Association of Surgical Technology)

certification exam, which granted her needed certification required in many states. “Way

to go Andrea!”

“Mustang Nation”, thanks for reading the above!

Very truly yours,

Christian M. Elkington