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10-7-14 Letter to Parents/Guardians

posted Oct 10, 2014, 6:11 PM by Massabesic highschool   [ updated Oct 10, 2014, 6:13 PM ]

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students!

Attached is Massabesic High School’s new practice for “Redo & Retakes” that was introduced to students at the beginning of our school year. You will see that it is fairly self-explanatory and comes in an easy to use template/form. Our school’s “10-Day” Practice from 2013-2014, for making up missing work was changed by our Leadership Team this summer based on feedback from teachers and students. What we learned is that we needed to allow for additional learning opportunities and Performance-Based thinking to mutually take-place between student and teacher.

We needed to make sure that each teacher:

  • -  Can expect high expectations for student follow-through

  • -  Had the ability to work with students in a creative manner

  • -  Would use what they knew about each student’s strengths and needs on a case-by-case

    basis within their classes.

    We needed to make sure that each student:

  • -  Met our teachers at least half-way with their needed relearning when he/she didn’t learn a concept or skill the first time

  • -  Clearly understood that re-teaching and practice would be needed before they set up for a redo, when and if needed

  • -  Took advantage of a planning template to assist with their own organization and follow- through

  • -  Knew he/she had to work with their teacher(s) when a specific assessment was not completed to proficiency

  • -  Better understood how important the MHS Work Habits expectations, around Respect, Responsibility and Creative Thinking connects to their taking advantage of future opportunities presented to them in the 21st Century!

    Lastly, we also needed to make sure that each parent/guardian:

  • -  Clearly understood the investment their son/daughter needed to make in the relearning and re-teaching process

  • -  Was invested in supporting their son/daughter along with our teachers in a process that had high expectations for student follow-through and ultimate success!

    You will see that the teacher and the student must agree to at least one of the choices given and/or create a new one, while the parent/guardian must be communicated with either by having the form brought home and signed or by the teacher emailing home. In my meetings with students to begin the school year I reviewed our new practice, as was the expectation in all classes. In further discussions with students recently I have learned that this new practice may not be as clear with all as we had hoped and so I am sending it to you tonight. To be clear this process is for students who have not yet met proficiency and for those students who want to improve from a “3” to a “3.5” or to a “4”!

    We are not limiting extra-time only making sure that it is not left open-ended and that a plan is agreed to and that the student is making progress on the plan that they agree to. Waiting until the last minute is not an option. Options are to be chosen based on both the kind of assessment needing assistance and the kind of difficulties the student is having completing the assessment to meeting proficiency or beyond. The success of this new practice will come down to the culture of communication and cooperation established between the teacher, the student and the student’s parent/guardian.

If you have any questions about our “Redo & Retake” practice please contact your son or daughter’s teachers, their assistant principal or myself.

Thanks for listening!