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3-17-15 Parent/Guardian Letter

posted Mar 23, 2015, 8:09 AM by Massabesic highschool
March 17, 2015

Dear Parents, Guardians & Students:
It is my hope that this letter finds you happily looking forward to the hope that comes with more
sun, warmer temperatures and spring! We all know that this winter has been one of the more
difficult ones we have experienced in some time. With people of all ages being cooped-up it does
support the notion of “cabin fever” and the associated difficulties that come with this, including
increased sickness. Here’s hoping that warmer temperatures are on their way supporting better
student and staff Wellness!
Important Dates:
3-18-15 Winter Trimester Ends
3-19-15 Project Graduation Mtg. 6:00 PM (MHS Library)
3-19 & 3-20-15 “Redo & Retake Days”
3-23-15 Spring Trimester Begins
3-25-15 School Board Mtg. 7:00 PM
3-26-15 MHS Talent Show 7:00 PM
3-27-15 Report Cards go home with students
3-30-15 Spring Sports begin
4-1-15 District Budget Informational Mtg. 6:30 PM
4-12-15 Project Graduation Mtg. 6:00 PM (MHS Library)
4-3-15 Early Release Day
4-8-15 Sophomore College Trip
4-15-15 SAT for all Juniors 7:30 – 12:45
4-17-15 Staff In-service Day No School
“Mustang Nation” students reach high and earn congratulations! It gives me great pleasure
to share the following with you:
- Congratulations go to Senior Deidra Lantagne – For earning recognition as this year's
2015 MPA PRINCIPAL'S AWARD Honoree for Massabesic High School. Deidra’s
efforts at academic excellence, outstanding school citizenship, and leadership earned her
this honor! Super job Deidra!
- MHS Medal Winners at the Maine State Skills USA Competition in Bangor earned 6
medals. Congratulations go to: Levi Mee (Gold Medal in CNC Technician), Karisa
Lambertso, Gabrielle Johnson and Allysa Morin (part of a four person team that earned a
Silver Medal in the Health Knowledge Bowl), Rebekah Watson (part of a two person
team that earned a Silver Medal in TV/Video Production) and Sydney Pepin (part of a
four person team who earned a Bronze Medal in the Entrepreneurship competition). Well
- Our MHS Odyssey of the Mind Team competed at a VERY high level at the Regional
Tournament this past weekend, placing 2nd! They are now onto the State Tournament at
Sanford High School. Congratulations go to Theresa Long, Thomas Gerry, Cheyenne
McLaskey, Allie Duranceau and Christian Silva for their hard work and fine efforts!
- The following students completed 4.5 hours of "Circle Facilitator - Student Training
in Restorative Practices”: Alex Scott, Austin Marhak, Trey Piepizyk, Justin Landry,
Robert Wilson, Kori Norris and Alyssa Shibles! Our students are the first in the state to
receive this training! Great job!
- The MHS Players Performed "Check Please" at the One-Act Regional Festival at TA.
The entire auditorium could be found laughing from scene to scene. Special All-Festival
Cast Awards for Acting were earned by Will Secunde and Ryley O'Connor and Noah
Darling earned a Technical Sound Award. Well-done MHS Players!
- Congratulations go to MHS' Top 10 Math Team League regular season finishers. Math
League competition standouts: Aaron Gagne, Alex Morin, Desiree Labbe, Devin
Adams, Steele Muchmore-Allen, Brandon Bowles, Roshelle Morrison, Renee
Dugas, Edwin Lewis and Brooke Cox! These Mustangs will represent “Mustang Nation”
at the State Math Meet on April 14th! Super job!
- MHS Students performed admirably in concerts this past week! Special thanks goes to
our band and chorus students for excellent concerts on Tuesday and Wednesday night!
Thanks very much for all of your efforts! If you didn’t get a chance to hear the Band
Concert please go to the following link:
- This morning the MHS NJROTC Program completed their inspection with flying
colors and were commended by the visiting Navy Commander in charge of the inspection
for representing our school and district in fine fashion!
The above is a prime example of the efforts and students that represent Massabesic High
School and our district in a multitude of positive ways and actions each and every day!
Please note New Early Release Day Thursday, May 28, 2015 to make up for the
weather-related, late start we had, which cancelled an Early Release Day in February.
Dance expectations – For guests are what? Some questions have come up about our school’s
expectations on guests for dances. They are available in the student handbook, which you can
find on our school’s web page and are very clear. They in fact are for the most part what every
high school around us also expects, a signed permission slip from the school of the guest or else
they are not allowed to attend. Please take a look at our handbook for all details. Thanks!
Special note from our district’s Director of Technology:
In the past two weeks, we have heard from students at the high school that the screws on the back
of the iPad cases are coming loose and dropping out. We have not heard of any cases where this
is happening at the middle school, but it appears to be a problem at MHS. When a case is not
intact, such as when it is broken or a screw is out or loose, all warranties from RugEd for
breakage are null and void.
If you notice that a case is not intact, including loose and missing screws, please take it to the
Technology Office ASAP! We will either repair or replace the case at no cost. Please realize that
if the case is in a state that nullifies the warranty and the iPad is broken, the cost of the repair will
belong to the family. Your immediate attention to this is appreciated.
Seniors do you still need to apply to YCCC – If so they are conducting on-the-spot admissions
interviews at MHS on Friday, April 10th. Space is limited, so sign up today and get the
application fee waived.
Very Important Project Graduation Committee – Meetings are coming up the next few weeks.
This volunteer group is always looking for parents & guardians to participate and support the next
class! If interested I ask that you come to a meeting to lend a hand to these fine people! Thanks!
We are fast approaching the time when SATs – Will be given to our Junior Class, free of cost
during the school day on Wednesday April 15th. Many of you, because you registered to review
your PSAT results, are now getting notices from College Board (SAT organization) about
upcoming SAT testing dates. Please ignore those notices for now. This is different than in
previous years when SATs were given on the first Saturday of May. Students will register for it
here at school well before the exam date. We will also be sharing SAT preparation information
soon. However, students have been informed that they can take the code found on their PSAT
results and go to www.collegeboard.org website to start preparing for the SATs. Once registered,
students will be given links to online preparation materials provided by College Board.
MHS is providing the opportunity for you to prepare for the SAT – Through a 2 day, 5-hour
ZAPs SAT preparation program being held at Massabesic East on March 25-26th. Please contact
guidance for program specifics and contact info. This program does cost $89.99.
The Sanford Regional Technical Center (SRTC) – Provides career and technical education
opportunities to students from Massabesic High School. 10th grade students met with SRTC
representatives at MHS in January to discuss program opportunities, to identify programs of
interest and to learn about an opportunity for an onsite visit. SRTC accepted online applications
for specific programs through March 13th. If you didn’t get an application in, and want to, please
see your guidance counselor ASAP for a last-minute opportunity!
AP Exam fees – Are now due for any student wanting to take an AP Exam in May. Payment
deadline is tomorrow Wednesday, March 18th.
Thanks to all Juniors and their families – Who attended the “Getting There from Here"
evening. We hope that you found the evening informative in terms of "jump starting" the college
planning process. Whether or not you could attend, you will find the materials and presentations
for the evening at the following website: http://bit.ly/1BAIdDe
The "6th Annual Walgreens High School Pharmacy Summer Camp” – Will be held on the
campus of Husson University July 22-24, 2015 for up to 20 Maine high school students who will
be juniors or seniors during the 2015-2016 academic-year and are interested in pursuing a career
in pharmacy. The total cost of the three-day camp is covered by a diversity scholarship funded
through Walgreens Corporation. Application deadline (by email or regular mail) is April 1, 2015.
Online application materials and camp information is available
at http://www.husson.edu/pharmacy.
The Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation is sponsoring a 4-day program this summer at Univ. of
Maine Orono (UMO), which will be filled with hands-on projects, fun-filled activities and will
give you an in-depth feel for a career in Engineering l from UMaine faculty, students, and
practicing professionals in the field. "Many current UMO students who receive full-tuition
scholarships from the Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation are alumni from the summer program.
"All costs are covered except for transportation to and from Orono. The program is offered in
three sessions: July 12-15, July 19-22, and July 26-29. Students should have completed at least 3
years (3 credits) each of math and science by the end of this school year to be considered. Space
is limited so apply well before the 5.1.15 deadline. Details are at: www.mainepulpaper.org.
Also included with this letter and email are two attachments: Next year’s recently approved
2015-2016 School Calendar and the Spring 2015 Athletic Participation Fee Letter.
Please join me in congratulating – And recognizing the efforts of November’s Honored
Students: Anthony Amabile, Sierra Arral, Rodney Auger, Sarah Bandle, Monique Biener, Jordan
Blaisdell, Chase Boisvert, Connor Bourassa, Joshua Boutin, Owen Bradley, Alyssa Bryan, Gauge
Cantara, Kaysia Carroll, Rylee Collins, Alyvia Cormier, Isabel Descoteau, Luciano DeSimone,
Emma Desrochers, Caitlin DeWitt, Breanna Donahue, Kimberly Donahue, Taylor Dorais,
Nickolai Dostanko, Nathaniel Dukes, Mike Dunham, Allison Dunlap, Allsion Duranceau, Mariah
Etheridge, Savannah Ford, Dawn Fusillo, Aaron Gagne, Jacob Gregoire, Jesse Hall, Zachariah
Harding, Noah Harfoush, Hailey Hockman, Sarah Howe, Megan Ingle, Brandon Johnstone,
Emily Kelly, Bailey LaChapelle, Anna Lane, Kristina Lenchuk, Alex Levesque, Mitchell Lewis,
Ethan Lord, Lydia Marcotte, Josslyn Martin, Michaela Mastrangelo, Reanna McPherson, Joseph
Merry, Lindsey Muir, Zoe Petit, Nick Presby, Mackenzie Roberge, Lizzy Schepis, Katie Shupp,
Christian Silva, Branden St. Laurent, Devin Starbird, Abigail Theobald, Zachary Townsend and
Emily Wasina! Super job!
Please join me in congratulating – And recognizing the efforts of December’s Honored
Students: Caleb Averill, Joseph Beal, Isaiah Binimou, Owen Bradley, Matthew Buck, Amy
Burke, Jillian Cadman, Jacob Cammett, Ashley Campbell, Catherine Card, Logan Champlin,
Devin Colcord, Cheyanne Cole, Charity Constantine, Derek Coulombe, Will DeRosie, Justin
Dion, Jared Dore, Sarah Doyle, Allison Duranceau, Stephanie Garrastazu, Keeghan Graffam,
Jacob Guillerault, Cailey Hall, Jesse Hall, Hailey Hockman, Jarrod Hooper, Brianna Lackner,
Justin Landry, Matthew Landry, Robert Landry, Elizabeth Leclerc, Edwin Lewis, Mitchell Lewis,
Kayleigh Lude, Alex Marino, Jack Melanson, Andrew Mongiat, Emily Mootos, Hailey Morabito,
Steele Muchemore-Allen, Haley Muse, Brian Normand, Sidney Payeur, Ethan Peabody, Willow
Peck, Kristiana Poland, Taylor Richards, Leah Ridley, Kassandra Roberts, Breanna Robinson,
Lexie Saucier, John Shirk, David Smith, Chase Stearns, Abigail Theobald, Marissa Valliere,
Nathan Westleigh and Sara Woodward! A BIG well done!
Please join me in congratulating – And recognizing the efforts of January’s Honored Students:
Alexis Abbott, Sierra Arral, Michael Bedard, Hayley Bell, Jessie Berard, Julia Blackington,
Christopher Blair, Jade Borenstein, Kadin Brown, Alex Brown-Haslam, Alyssa Bryan, Matthew
Buck, Jacob Cammett, Eric Carroll, Shane Charrette, Nathaniel Chick, Troy Cloutier, Mackenzie
Croteau, Noah Darling, Abigail DeRosie, Sarah Doyle, Christian DuPaul, Larry Fournier, Riley
Gaetjens, Olivia Gerry, Stephen Gilham, Justin Green, Noah Harfoush, Priscilla Hayward, Issiac
Hooper, Hannah Jordan, Jasmine Labbe, Nicklaus LaRoche, Lydia Marcotte, Devin Martin-
D'angelo, Tiffany McCutcheon, Peter McHugh, Avery Mee, Jennifer Meserve, Teneyce Nadeau,
Paul Newport, Ryley O'Connor, Morgan Pike, Aundrea Roberge, Ashley Russell, Leah Ryan,
Evan Ryder, Emily Scavoni, Bayleigh Simes, Sean-Paul Simpson, Lauren Stapleton, Cailin
Steeves, Samantha Strandberg, Abigail Theobald, Jessica Toomey, Hannah Vallee, Joel
VanTassell, Nicole Verrill, David Warren, Emily Wasina, Thyme Whitten, Shalleigh, Williams
and Mikayla Woodbury! Great job!
Thanks for taking the time to read the above!
Very truly yours,
Christian M. Elkington