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5-15-15 Letter to Parents/Guardians

posted May 17, 2015, 6:06 AM by Massabesic highschool

May 15, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Please join me in thanking all members of my staff for their many positive efforts in supporting your sons and daughters during the 2014-2015 School Year. Last week was Staff Appreciation Week and the staff breakfast sponsored by parents and guardians was much appreciated! The demands of teaching and learning in the State of Maine and throughout our nation as we have headed into the 21st century have increased time and time again. Through multiple changes at the school, district and state level our people continue to work towards meeting the challenges that go with change, as they work towards meeting individual student needs each and every day. They do this in a time and place, where the culture of sharing a positive thought or thank you sometimes seems to be at an all-time low. I need to take this opportunity to thank my staff for the time and effort that they devote to helping the students of Massabesic High School before, during, and after school! It is much appreciated!

Please take some time to review the following: Important Dates:

- 5-22-15
- 5-27 & 5-28 - 5-27 & 5-28 - 5-28-15
- 6-1-15
- 6-2-15
- 6-3-15
- 6-5-15

Freshmen Model UN Simulation Smarter Balanced Testing for Juniors Redo & Retake Days for grades 9-12 Early Release Day
Band Concert 7:00 PM
Chorus Concert 7:00 PM
Progress Reports handed to students Our Seniors (Class of 2015) last Day

Special thanks for a job – Well done goes to our students who have been taking part in AP Testing the last two weeks! Sitting in an exam for hour upon hour can be tough on the mind, body and soul. We very much appreciate all of our students who have taken on these challenges! Super job!

Junior Class Dues – Need to be paid! Each class that moves through MHS towards graduation will have expenses for memorabilia, shirts, trips, along with some graduation expenses that our district cannot afford to pay, thus the need for each student to pay, a one-time class dues. Class dues would not be an issue if each and every member of the class did a small part in fundraising, but this is not the case. At present several members of the Class of 2016 have not yet paid their dues so planning for graduation is somewhat difficult. The lack of class dues also means that our class leaders need to plan for further fundraisers. A one-time class dues amount of $65.00 for this year and/or if paid next year it is $75.00 (during their senior year), because of the added cause of doing things last minute. Please contact Class of 2016 Advisors Mrs. Stephenson and Mrs. Dallaire for more information. Thanks!

2015 SMAA Citizenship Award Honorees for MHS – Are Seniors Meghan Neyer and Andrew Mongiat. Both Meghan and Andrew display outstanding character and determination to succeed in their studies and athletics. They have also contributed citizenship qualities on and off the field and in our hallways and classroom. Andrew and Meghan are excellent representatives of Mustang Nation!! Congratulations!

Appropriate clothing – Is a concern at MHS. Spring is in the air and with nice weather, come questions about appropriate clothing for school. Please review our school’s dress expectations, which can be found in the student handbook on our school’s web page. Should your son or daughter be in violation of the dress code, we will ask them to change or call you to bring appropriate clothing in so that he/she can stay for the rest of the day. Please take a moment to review our expectations for appropriate dress with your son or daughter. Thanks very much!

Did you know we are the first school in our state – To get a New Breakfast Vending Machine? After the April Break representatives from the Boston Office of USDA and members from the Maine Dairy Council, along with former New England Patriot Matt Mulligan were at the kick-off in our East Building. The machine is up and running with food available at the Massabesic East Building from 7:00 to 10:00 AM daily.

We have great kids representing “Mustang Nation”:

  • -  A parent shared with me this comment: “I wanted to let you know I just listened to the Massabesic High School Concert Band perform for the Maine Directors Band Association and it was beautiful. Adam Goad has done an incredible job getting the kids ready for this event. They represented Massabesic pride and hard work, perfectly!”

  • -  One of the people from USDA stopped our Director of Food Service to say that: “Your students were every well behaved at the Kick-Off. I visit a lot of schools and I was very impressed with your students!” Three cheers to all of our students at the East who participated at the Kick-off!

  • -  270 Sophomores went on their College Trip right before the April Break, visiting 11 different schools in 3 states. This was a huge task with months of planning and over 25 MHS Staff Members involved in the day. All reports that came back are that the Class of 2017 followed the same tradition of classes before in representing MHS and RSU 57 with positivity, respect and dignity! Well-done!

    The following Project Aware Cast and Crew – Are to be congratulated for all of their hard
    work in the making of a new film about suicide: Ryan Mullet, Kayla Payne, James Stevens, Theresa Long, Emily Martin, Sean Burgett, Jarred Chamberlain, Emily Hodgkins, Alyssa Morin, Zoe McAvoy, Devin Adams, Erin Leach, Justin Leach, Addie Simpson, Angel Velez, Kristiana Poland, Patrick Brocato, Erica Williams, Ashley Jones, Alison O’Brien, Jackie Christie, Sam Pawlowski, Carrie Beth Gochie, Kassidy Watson, Izzy Bouldard, Hailey Morabito, Allie Duranceau, Christian Silva, Christopher Jandreau, Alexander Renaud, Taylor Staudenmaier, Morgan Wass, Kerra Gearinger, Jennifer Paquin, Erica Suttles, Connor Bourassa, Melysa Haskell, Zolyia (Zoey) Nedzbala, Mikel Souliere, Kelsey Robinson, Spencer Noble, Deputy Solomon, Jasmine Rouillard, Aaron Jacob Mailhiot, Kathy Erickson, Ryley O’Connor, Cole Bryant, Christian DuPaul, Hailey Kendrick, Brianna Lewis, Mikaela Callahan, Devin Greenlaw, Katlyn Brown, Isaiah Binimou, Breanna Donahue, Greta Alsfeld, Susan VanSteemburg, Olivia Gerry, Stephen Gilham, Abigayle Haskell, Logan DeGiacomo, Emma Chase and Erica Martin.
    Special thanks go to each and every one of you for the time and energy you have put into this project!

Please take a moment to review the following names of MHS students who earned the following academic recognition for their efforts during Trimester Two:

GRADE 9 HIGH HONORS: Jacklyn Bearse, Hallie Benton, Amy Burke, Joshua Castonguay, Logan Champlin, Gianna Cole, Rylee Collins, Alyvia Cormier, Brooke Cox, Emily Cyr, Jacob Cyr, Abigail Darling, Tyler Davis, Isabel Descoteaux, Sarah Desrochers, Sarah Doyle, Samuel Foglio, Nola Fuschillo, Aiden Galbraith, Cassie Gilham, Jacob Gregoire, Ethan Huff, Jane Huot, Brandon Johnstone, Mikiah Jordan, Alexis Kidder, Eva Labbe, Ethan Lord, Acacia McAdam, Gabriel Melancon, Teneyce Nadeau, Zoe Petit, Clinton Phinney, Morgan Pike, Rachael Raymond, Madison Richards, Emma Rutledge, Christian Silva, Kaylee St. Laurent, Christian Stalker, Elijah Stitson, Abigail Theobald, Joel VanTassell, Jared Walberg, Lydia Wasina and Sara Woodward!

GRADE 9 HONORS: Devon Baert, Sarah Bandle, Rachyl Banville, Elizabeth Beals, Isaiah Binimou, Chase Boisvert, Daniel Bolender, Jade Borenstein, Melanie Bryan, Kaysia Carroll, Whitney Cass, Nicholas Chandler, Abigail Chaves, Bailey Chretien, Collier Coleman, Ashley Collin, Andrew Cotton, Macayla Curato, Madison Drain, Kayla Dube, Amanda Dudley, Lucian Fitts, Abigail FitzGerald, Evan Foglio, Hailey Frasier, Molly Gile, Stephen Gilham, Gabrielle Greenlaw, Sara Greenleaf, Cassandra Griffiths, Alex Herrick, Issiac Hooper, Madison Hudson, Ethan Jalbert, Hannah Jordan, Drew Labbe, Joshua LaLonde, Jeffrey Langlois, Mitchell Lewis, Kayleigh Lude, Jacob Marquis, Devon McConologue, Noah McGrath, Peter McHugh, Nicholas Merry, Casey Monahan, Emily Mootos, Hailey Morabito, Cayleigh Morris, Rachel Mullen, Kimberly Murphy, Olivia Mynahan, Zolyia Nedzbala, Paul Newport, Dorothy Pierce, Isabelle Pierce, Ashton Randels, Hope Riley, Simon Roberts, Ashlee Roy, Cameron Roy, Alexieus Saucier, Alexander Schepis, Nova Short, Curtis Smith, Janelle Sperdakos, Noah Steiner, Chelcie Stewart, Sarah Stonehouse, Garrett Stubbs, Ryan Townsend, Justin Vigue, Rayven Waddell, Seth Wakefield, Nicholas White and Justin Winkel!

GRADE 10 HIGH HONORS: Philip Anderson, Emma Ayotte, Mikaela Callahan, Kyra-Mei Cartwright, Grady Connolly, Jamie Dee, Christian Descoteaux, Donovan Duffy, Alyssa Duley, William Faunce, Justin Forrester, Stephanie Garrastazu, Grace Gile, Devyn Heathcote, Morgan Houk, Sarah Howe, Kylee Jacob, Casey Johnston, Emily Kelley, Joanna LaFrance, Sophia LaFrance, Anna Lane, Emily Levesque, Elizabeth Lord, Lindsey Marquis, Nathan Metayer, Ashleigh Miller, Ethan Nugent, Molly O'Brien, Michelle Radley, Caleb Roy, Leah Ryan, Hope Saucier, Emily Scavoni, Elizabeth Schepis, Natalie Thayer, Jessica Toomey, Morgan Wass, Thyme Whitten, Colby Williams, Cassandra Wiseman and Rose Wolfe!

GRADE 10 HONORS: Shelby Adams, Leonardo Amabile, Madeline Beauchesne, Hannah Belanger, Connor Cabana, Ashley Campbell, Joshua Chadbourne, Adam Cloutier, Ethan Daigneault, Noah Darling, William DeRosie, Jared Dion, Justin Dion, Cooper Duncan, Haley Dunlap, Jamie Dunlap, Katherine Dupuis, Savannah Ford, Riley Gaetjens, Sarah Gagnon, Miranda Gerry, Meghan Goodwin, Caelan Gray, Gabrielle Guillemette, Cailey Hall, Zachariah Harding, Mariah Hawkins, Noah Ireland, Andrew Landry, Gabrielle Langlois, Roger Langlois, Nicholas LaRiviere, Isaac Libby, Xavier Lundrigan, Taylor Manning, Lydia Marcotte, Joshua Marquis, Madison Martin, Avery Mee, Zion Mercado, Hannah Merrill, Adrianna Milburn, Jillian Miller, Hannah Mooers, Alexander Morin, Elizabeth Nadeau, Thorsten Nichols, Ethan Ouellette, Samantha Parker, Willow Peck, Justine Pettersen, Ryan Philbrick, Jacob Picard, Miranda Raymond, Aspen Reinauer, Josie Ring, Aundrea Roberge, Kassandra Roberts, Jesse Skowronski, Ethan Sperdakos, Samantha Strandberg, Tyler Stinson, Zoe Therrien, Kalei Thibodeau, Sheibon Claire Tizon, Michael Tuttle, Hunter Vance, Jillian VanTassel, Trevor Walton and Alyssa Welch!

GRADE 11 HIGH HONORS: Sierra Arral, Nathan Baert, Madison Bantz, Weston Bergeron, Brandon Bowles, Danielle Burbank, Troy Cloutier, Alecia Connolly, Emma Cost, Richard Cote, Joseph Diaz, Hannah Duffy, Faith Hoyle, Zachary Huff, Theresa Long, Tiffany McCutcheon, Steele Muchemore-Allen, Joseph Parker, Brynn Patenaude, Jane Pettit, Matthew Prokey, Sabrina Prout, Dawson Renaud, Ashley Russell, Madison Russell, Erica Suttles, Emily Wasina and Kelley Wescott!

GRADE 11 HONORS: Kassandra Aboud, Anthony Amabile, Nathan Binette, Hannah Blair, Connor Bourassa, Katelyn Bourque, Owen Bradley, Ryan Burke, Jack Cavanaugh, Derek Coulombe, Alyssa Crowell, Joshua Daigle, Kailey Daigle, Megan DuBois, Elaine Dudley, Christian DuPaul, Cassandra Duranceau, Morgan Farina, Rachel Ford, Makayla Garcia, Samantha Gonneville, Audrey Grant, Andrea Hamann, Noah Harfoush, Christopher Hill, Arlene Huff ,Megan Ingle, Sara Jordanhazy, Michael Kendrick, Morgan Labbe, Christopher Lancaster, Justin Landry, Justin Leach, Elizabeth Leclerc, Jordan Ledger ,Keilly Lynch, Rebecca Malloy, Shane Mansfield, Emily Martin, Logan Martin, Roshelle Morrison, Sebastiana Mosher, Autumn Nostrom, Samuel Pawlowski, Alyssa Perreault, Carlos Philpotts, Kristiana Poland, Benjamin Poulin, Alexis Prescott, Alexis Rumney, John Shirk, Rylie Smith, Abigail Staples, Lindsay Stevens, Neva Stevens, Joseph Towns, Danielle Vigue, Hannah Waugh, Kyle Weymouth, Caleb Whittemore, Erica Williams and Shalleigh Williams!

GRADE 12 HIGH HONORS: Haley Bantz, Monique Biener, Courtney Boucher, Crystal Boucher, Alyssa Bryan, Shayna Davis, Casey Descoteaux, Allison Dunlap, Deidra Lantagne, Eion McNeil, John Melanson, Andrew Mongiat, Meghan Neyer, Leah Ridley, Ashley Rondeau, Branden Roy, Bayleigh Simes, Alyssa Wardwell And Rebekah Watson!

GRADE 12 HONORS: Hayley Bell, Jessie Berard, Dylan Blackington, Alicia Blanchard, Joshua Boutin, Devin Bowles, Aliza Buckbee, Jillian Cadman, Melissa Carmichael, Kyle Caton, Samantha Coan, Jeremy Colello, Alexandra Conner, Kristoffer Constantine, Ashley Cryer, Mason Darling, Jacob Day, Luciano DeSimone, Sarah Dion, Kyle Duffy, Chloe Durin, Larry Fournier, Remington Gaetjens, Aaron Gagne, CarrieBeth Gochie, Alyssa Goodwin, Abagail Grames, Jesse Hall, Logan Hamilton, Jennifer Hanson, Thomas Harrington, Kaylee Hayes, Morgan Heavel, Taylor Hudson, Abigail Johnson, Mackenzie Kidder, Matthew Kramer, Mira Kuni, Desiree Labbe, Garrett LaFrance, Andrew Lee, Kristina Lenchuk, Edwin Lewis, Adam Marcotte, Alex Marino, Kaitlyn McClurken, Michael Nickles, Alison O'Brien, Zachary Papapetrou, Ethan Peabody, Austyn Pfeiffer, Karlie Pike, Zachary Pitts, Kayla Poland, Haley Poulin, Erin Roberts, Audrey Robidoux, Courtney Ross, Jasmine Rouillard, Noah Sawtelle, Karl Schulz, William Secunde, Judith Stadler, Johnathon Theriault, Brittney Thoits, Andrew Tibbetts, Danielle Tulipano, Jacob Young and Chad Zunser!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter! Very truly yours,

Christian M. Elkington Principal