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9-14-14 Message to Parents and Guardians

posted Sep 15, 2014, 7:43 PM by Massabesic highschool
"Good morning Parents and Guardians:

I am writing you to share some updates about our initial iPad Deployment.

There were a few glitches during the Friday iPad deployment that we worked our way through. These glitches led to the delay in some students receiving their device. We will finish the deployment this Monday, September 15.

Students that have chosen to opt out of the protection plan will have one week with the iPad in the new case as a "test drive". We will check back with each of them beginning Monday, September 22. If your choice is still to opt out, we will switch your son/daughter out of the case. You will still have the option to purchase the protection plan for $25 or $20 for multiple children in grades 6-12 (checks made out to RSU 57).

*In one of my emails I wrote "If by the middle of next week your family still does not want to purchase this protective device it will be taken off by us." I should have said protective plan. My apology for the confusion.

The rumor is that the case is indestructible. The case is tough, but obviously not indestructible. It is designed to be very tough, but break before the iPad is broken. Some of our students will, I am sorry to say, already have wanted to test this. The cost for a case that has been broken on purpose is $60.00. Behavioral consequences as deemed necessary by administration will also be included.

Some other information about the case:

The front of the case is not waterproof, but we had no incidents of water damage last year and the cases that were used last year were also not waterproof. Our students were very good about keeping their iPads out of water. The other point on water damage is that very few protection plans include the coverage of water damage. The ones that do are very expensive.

The case we chose is designed to protect the iPad in the places that have the most damage, the corners and the edges, which are responsible for a large percentage of glass breakage. If there is damage, the cost of the repair will be paid by the case company, lowering the cost for both parents and the district.

Thanks again for your questions and concerns!