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April 2014 Letter to Parents/Guardians

posted Apr 30, 2014, 5:19 PM by Massabesic highschool
Principal’s Memo
To: Parents & Guardians
From: Christian M. Elkington
Re: April 27th Update
Date: 4-27-14
We hope everyone had a wonderful break and comes back to MHS ready to roll the
last 8 weeks of our school year!
Important Dates coming up:
4-30-14 Progress Reports handed out
5-02-14 Early Release Day
5-03-14 Juniors take state mandated SAT 7:15 – 1:00 PM (Friday May 23rd off in return)
5-05-14 – 5-09-14 Staff Appreciation Week
5-09-14 NJROTC Awards Night
Project Graduation Fundraiser! There is still time to order from the Massabesic High
School Project Graduation Spring Hanger Sale! Money and Forms are Due by Thursday
7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. AND on Saturday May 10th 9:00 a.m. – Noon. The order form is
available online at our web page under special announcements. Please order a plant,
Odyssey of the Mind Teams, are fundraising to get to the World Finals in Ames
Iowa. This year we have two teams going, one from the High School and one from
Waterboro Elementary School. Our upcoming events are as follows:
- May 2 A Night Of Improv at MHS Auditorium. Tickets are $7 adults and $5
for kids.
- May 10 Yard Sale – We need donations. If you have anything to donate
please call 207-232-8220.
- May 17 – Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. Get your tickets by calling
Merrell Long. This year’s show is Murder by Magic.
- We have a “gofundme” site set up. If you would like to donate to help us get
to Worlds go to: http://www.gofundme.com/8bufdc.
Congratulations go to Rayne Whitten for being selected as this year’s Massabesic
High School's, MPA Principal’s Award Winner. Rayne earned this award for as the
award says: “The criteria for this award are academic excellence, outstanding school
citizenship, and leadership.” Way to go Rayne!
The weather is getting warmer, which means it is time for me to review our school’s
dress policy. I need your help in reminding your son or daughter to both remember and
follow the MHS Dress Policy as written in the Student Handbook. It is as follows:
Student dress and appearance should not detract from each student’s educational focus
and should not be a safety hazard. Students dressed inappropriately will be required to
cover up or change their clothing. THE ADMINISTRATION WILL BE THE FINAL
Examples of unacceptable attire include, but are not limited to:
1) Clothing—a) promoting alcohol, tobacco or other chemicals; b) that is obscene,
vulgar or indecent; c) which presents a safety hazard; d) that is judged to be
excessively worn/torn; e) that exposes bare skin including but not limited to the
midriff, chest and shoulders; f) that is demeaning to any person or group of
persons on the basis of race, sex, handicap, religion, age or national origin.
2) Bathing suits, spandex only, bandannas, immodest tank tops and/or spaghetti
straps (straps must be two fingers in width), halter-tops, muscle shirts, off-theshoulder
tops, and low cut tops. Shorts and/or skirts/dresses will be no shorter
than the student’s fingertips when standing with arms relaxed and hanging to the
sides. Yoga pants/leggings can be worn with a covering top meeting the fingertip
3) Failure to meet the above criteria will result in the student being asked to change.
If the student refuses they will be sent to ISAS. Subsequent infractions will result
in the student being sent to ISAS for the remainder of the day.
Project Graduation makes a difference year after year! This year the Class of 2014
will have a wonderful night to remember with their fellow graduates! There are many
fundraising events going on. As part of the cost for the night we ask that the family of
each senior donate $10.00 to the overall cost. Please drop your $10.00 off in the main
office at MHS. Thanks very much!
Spring Athletes & Activity participants need to be in class in order to participate!
If a student representing MHS on an athletic team or activity misses any part of our
school day UNEXCUSED, they will not be allowed to participate in sports and/or
activities that day. They will have to go home after school. For excused absences we
expect kids to be here for at least half of the day. Students need to be here until 10:30
am or from 10:30 am on. We will look at individual reasons if someone is going to be out
most of the day, funeral, emergency, college visit etc. If you have any questions please
contact Mr. Scully.
Congratulations go to Emily Archer and Donna Robichaud for their participation in
the 1st Annual Statewide Ceramics Art Show. Both students received a certificate
from First Lady of Maine, Ann LePage. Donna earned third place in the sculpture
category! Nice job ladies!
Our Concert Band performed at the MBDA Concert Band Festival in Scarborough
recently. This festival involves many bands from all around the state. The students
performed for three judges on faculty at various universities. Afterwards, they had the
opportunity to work with the director from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Concert Band. The three judges gave us a 92, 91 and 91 (out of 100) for our Gold Rating.
Way to go band students!
On the evening of March 13, three MHS students competed with Sanford students
at the regional level Lions Club Speak Out Contest. They delivered their speech from
memory to a small crowd of people including family, community members and
competing peers from five local Lions Clubs incorporating seven towns. Our MHS
students placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd! Congratulations go to:
- 1st place award winner senior, Olivia Bradley, who spoke on Kindness
- 2nd place award winner sophomore, Jane Pettit, who spoke on Energy Drinks
- 3rd place award winner senior, August Mendoza, who spoke on Compassion,
Kindness and Mercy.
Massabesic High School now has a PTC. It is an informal group that supports our
students and teachers at MHS and MMS. If you would like to receive occasional news or
information from this group, please email us at massabesicptc@rsu57.org to be added to
our email list. Thanks VERY much!
Special thanks goes to all of our Sophomores who traveled to 11 different colleges
and universities on the MELMAC Sponsored Sophomore College Trip. It was great
to hear that once again our students represented MHS and “Mustang Nation” with respect
and dignity! An examples of the experience was caught when two students who had just
arrived back from their trips that day were talking, asking each other about what kind of
programs were at the college each visited. They both engaged in conversation about their
experience. Well-done Mustang Nation!
Congratulations go to Massabesic High School’s Honored Students for January
2014: Devin Adams, April Allen, Elijah Barker, Briana Berube, Kaitlan Buczek, Trevor
Burns, Connor Cabana, Gauge Cantara, Britany Chamberlain, Kristoffer Constantine
Haleigh Couture, Michael Crowley, Robert Dame, Mason Darling, Abby DeRosie
Abby Doak, Summer Dodge, Cooper Duncan, Michael Dunham, Cassandra Duranceau
Riley Gaetjens, Jesse Hall, Jocelyn Hall, Chris Hill, Makayla Hilton, Morgan Houk,
Sarah Howe, Emily Kelley, Andrew Landry, Haley LaPointe, Cody Leach, Elizabeth
Leclerc, Kobe Lovejoy, Keilly Lynch, Michelle Mailhot, Kaitlyn McClurken, Jack
Melanson, Nathan Metayer, Andrew Mongiat, Roshelle Morrison, Kori Norris, Jeremy
Perreault, Brooke Roberge, Breanna Robinson, Audrey Robidoux, Austin Rockwell,
Ashley Russell, Hope Saucier, Gabrielle Sawyer, Will Secunde, Kaitlyn Simonds, Chase
Stearns, Tyler Stinson, Erica Suttles, Cote Taylor, Jessica Toomey, Tyler Vance, Nathan
Verrill, Trevor Walton, Morgan Wass, Bryce Wenger, Olivia Whitehouse, Rayne
Whitten, Aaron Wood and Surafel Zunser! Super job!
Congratulations go to Massabesic High School’s Honored Students for February
2014: Miranda Anderson, Mariah Arral, Sierra Arral, Haley Bantz, Angelica Bennett
Robert Blanchard, Jacob Braker, Maegan Cabana, Melissa Carmichael, Hanna Cline
Troy Cloutier, Briar Cudworth, Robert Dame, Jamie Dunlap, Christian DuPaul, Katie
Dupuis, Cassie Duranceau, Robert Elliott, Emily Foglio, Justin Gentry, Alyssa Goodwin
Caelan Gray, Abigayle Haskell, Alexis Holden-Trumble, Lori Holleran, Morgan Houk
Tyler House, Kyra Howarth, Sarah Howe, Taylor Hudson, Jacob Jordanhazy, Dylan
Kennedy, Quinn Kenney, Garrett LaFrance, Taylor Martin, Phoebe Masse, Jonathan
McConologue, Tiffany McCutheon, Kelly Michaud, Adi Milburn, Ashleigh Miller,
Lindsey Muir, Elizabeth Nadeau, Neil O'Gane, Brittany Pettey, Jane Pettit, Dominic
Pfeiffer, Zach Pitts, Michelle Radley, Leah Ridley, Mike Risti, Rose Sanborn, Joe Semo
Shanelle Wakita, Angel Waters, Rebekah Watson, Andrew Wicklund and Robert Wilson!
Way to go!
Thanking all members of “Mustang Nation” in advance for all of their positive
efforts over the coming days and weeks!