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Freshmen Parent & Guardian Letter 10-15-12

posted Oct 17, 2012, 6:04 AM by Massabesic highschool
Fr. Parent/Guardian Letter 10-15-12


The freshman year is in many ways the most important school year for students in high school. We have worked hard over the last three years at Massabesic High School to develop and establish support systems for our 9th grade students. Two of these supports are the focus of this note to you. The first is a review of a special intervention system we have for students in academic difficulty. The second support, our Freshman Advisory Program, contains information about a special presentation that took place in Freshman Advisories this past week.


Lastly, included in this mailing are your son or daughter’s 8th Grade Maine Educational Assessment results. The MEA was taken last spring with results not coming back to schools until the fall. These results will give you a snap shot of how your son or daughter was able show mastery on statewide expectations. If you have questions about the results please contact your son or daughter’s counselor. Thanks!


The Core Meeting the Standards Time (CMST) - Runs three BLKs per week (Tues – Thursdays) and supports students as follows:

a.     Math & English students who were pre-assigned to start the year

b.     Students needing extra support in any Core Class (math, science, social studies or English) after the first or second progress report each Trimester

c.     Is run by the teachers on your son or daughter’s team

d.     The process is as follows:

                                               i.     Students are taken out of their elective class or study hall and placed in CMST for the rest of the Trimester

                                             ii.     Students will be placed with the teacher from their Core Class

                                            iii.     Students who are failing a core class at the 2nd progress report and then do not earn credit at the end of the Trimester will be assigned to CMST at the beginning of the next Trimester

                                            iv.     Students who are failing a core class at the 2nd progress report and do earn credit at the end of the trimester will be assigned to their regularly assigned elective or study hall during the next trimester.

                                             v.     Students are not reassigned from an elective they are passing after the 2nd progress report


                                            vi.     The benchmark for being assigned to CMST:

1.     Below 50, 1st Progress Report

2.     Below 60, 2nd Progress Report.


If you have any questions about our Core Meeting the Standards Time please contact you son or daughter’s team teachers or their guidance counselor.


The main purpose of our Freshman Advisory Program – Is to supplement the education of MHS students with those interpersonal skills needed for success in life. As I am sure you are well aware, interaction with other students in dating and other social environments is a key area within a freshman student’s current stage of social development. With this in mind, freshman students recently took part in a dating related Advisory Lesson led by a representative of a program based in Portland called SARSM (Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine).


SARSM provides a number of programs to serve our communities. The program they presented last week to our students is called "Sexual Assault Prevention." The goal of this program and Advisory was to be proactive in nature with this topic. This program provided a sensitive, interactive program centered-around building awareness for students to make responsible and respectful dating-related decisions.

The presenters had our students examine a scenario where two students who were dating went to a party where social interactions can put students at risk for possible sexual behavior. Once the scenario was presented, students were divided into small groups of 10-12 students to discuss the scenario and discuss how a difficult situation could have been avoided if the proper communication steps had been taken by the students in the scenario. The purpose of this discussion was to make students aware of appropriate behavior in the dating environment so they would recognize what poor decisions look like in a social atmosphere and how to best avoid making poor decisions. A follow-up reflection assignment will be held in this week’s Advisory BLK.


You will be pleased to know and we are very proud to share that our students took this program very seriously! Way to go Mustang Nation!