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June Letter to Parents/Guardians

posted Jun 11, 2013, 11:01 AM by Massabesic highschool   [ updated Jun 11, 2013, 11:34 AM ]

                                                                                                            June 10, 2013

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students:

It is my pleasure to share the following with you:

Important Dates:

-       6-13-13 Last day for Late Buses

-       6-18-13 Final Exams begin (schedule below)

-       6-21-13 Our final day of school is a ½ day

-       6-28-13 Credit Recovery School Begins (please review the Mustang Gazette for info)

Several updates to share:

-       Graduation went very well this past Thursday evening with 234 graduates receiving their diplomas. Honor Essayist Jacqueline Stolo, Salutatorian John Secunde and Valedictorian Emma Faith all shared speeches. We will miss the Class of 2013!

-       Project Graduation also went well this year with our seniors’ final event at St. Joseph's College in Windham. Thirty staff and parents served as chaperones for this overnight event. A very dedicated parent group made this possible led by a skillful organizer Lorraine Marcotte! Volunteers will be needed to continue project graduation for the Class of 2014. Please contact Director of Student Activities Brendan Scully. Thanks!

-       This past Friday our Student Council organized a send-off for our Special Olympians. The student body turned out at the front of the West Building right before our Special Olympians left by bus. As they passed the school, 800 MHS Students and staff with signs and voices blaring cheered our students on! Thanks go to Student Council and their Advisor Chris Estes for this moment few will forget!

-       Deputy Jason Solomon has been chosen as the National School Resource Officer of the Year! The official announcement was made at a school assembly in our gym on Monday. Our student body was most respectful, giving Jason two standing ovations!

-       Three BIG cheers go to Senior Peter McCoy for earning Gold Medals at both the local and State of Maine Competition for Skills USA! Peter will be representing Sanford Regional Technical Center and Massabesic High School in Child Care at the national competition in Kansas City at the end of this month! WOW!

-       Congratulations go to Sophomore Shayna Davis who has just been selected as the new Student Representative on the RSU 57 School Board, joining Junior Olivia Bradley.

-       MHS Junior Emily Marquis earned Finalist recognition for the 2013 Governor's Young Writer of the Year Award! Emily will receive a lovely plaque along with a $500.00 cash award for earning this recognition! Super job, Emily!

-       Thanks go to all of our parents and guardians who wrote in “MHS” as part of Hannaford’s Funds for Schools programs during 2012. We received a check for $480.00! It is MOST appreciate!


 Congratulations go to the Top Ten Percent for the Class of 2013: Valedictorian - Emma Faith,

Salutatorian - John Secunde and Honor Essayist - Jacqueline Stolo. The remaining students in the Top Ten Percent are in alphabetical order: Abbey Auger, Jessica Bennett, Jonna Casoli, Kathleen Duffy, Nicholas Evans, Sarah Evans, Shantel Giguere, Alyssa Gilman, Erica Guimond, Audrey Hoyle, Jazmyn Ireland, Kaelyn Kuni, Amber Libby, Kaylond Mauzerolle, Mallory McLaughlin, Casey Nava, Katie Perreault, Madeline Sanborn, Katherine Sobanik, Andrea Thompson, Zachary Traver, Brian Wardwell, Madeline Waugh, and Keara White. Well - done Mustang Nation!

A BIG well - done goes to - Senior Jim Medicci for his two years of excellent service as a student representative on the RSU 57 School Board! Thanks for all of your time and efforts Jim!


Congratulations go to - Junior Michael Roux, who has been selected as a member of the National Technical Honor Society. Well done, Michael!


MHS Graduate Haley Searles - Received a full-year scholarship to YCCC from Kennebunk Savings Bank. Way to go Haley!


Three MHS Students - Are recipients of this year’s Massabesic Lions Club Youth Recognition Award! Congratulations go to Jocelyn Acheson, Audrey Hoyle, and Amber Libby for their outstanding contributions to our communities! Super job!


Sorry we missed you! - Congratulations go to John Sanborn for earning 3rd place recognition in the Skills USA Welding Competition at SRTC! Way to go John!


Sophomores represent “Mustang Nation” well – On college visits in April. Two-hundred and fifty sophomores traveled around New England on college visits as part of our MELMAC Grant. Each year “Mustang Nation” has been well-represented through the respect and attention shown by our students. One example to share was on our trip to Universal Technical Institute in Boston, Mass, where we heard several times from the tour guides how well behaved and interested we were. Two students were selected to test a 2005 Mustang with Nitrous Oxide on a Dino machine, which measures the horsepower and torque of the engine. High school visitors are rarely ever invited to participate in this test. Another example of the respect and dignity with which our kids represent us!


Special thanks goes to the following MHS Students - Who volunteered to support Special Olympics this spring: Nathan Hill, Kayleigh Neyer, Miranda Chase, Taylor Abbott, Amber Libby, Alyssa Elwell, Janelle Boisvert, Angela Athearn, Megan Hill, Haley Poulin, Allison Dunlap, Alyssa Wardwell, Jesse Hall, Kaylee Hayes, Brian Wardwell, Moe Alves, Ashley Rondeau and Nathan Binette. Super job!


Massabesic High School’s Honored Students for February 2013 are as follows: Matthew Allen, Heidi Armell, Angela Athearn, Tessa Bandle, Abby Beauchesne, Cassandra Belmore, Joshua Bixby, Dylan Blackington, Jordan Blaisdell, Klara Blazejovska, Alyssa Bryan, Jillian Cadman, Erika Calvert, Sage Carpenter, Bri Chamberlain, Natasha Ciance, Elizabeth Clock

Jeremy Colello, Charity Constantine, Audrey DeWitt, Joseph Diaz, Renee Dugas, Katie Dumont

Brianna Durkan, Heather Everett, Emily Foglio, Alyssa Gentry, Thomas Gerry, Amber Gill

Samantha Goodness, Ashley Goodwin, Dylan Hanson, Kaylee Hayes, Marissa Huntley, Jackson King, Bailey LaChapelle, Kristin Lambert, Christine Lesso, Nicole LoConte, Theresa Long, Michelle Mailhot, Cheyenne Merrifield, Andrew Mongiat, Ryan Mullett, Jacqualine Murray

Meghan Neyer, Kori Norris, Ashlyn Plante, Matt Prokey, Aleighsha Randall, Karina Raymond

Sarah Redman, Cody Roberge, Jeremy Roberge, Nicole Roberge, Gaije Roy, Kim Saltmarsh

Micheal Scott, Addison Simpson, James Stevens, Alyssa Wardwell, Brian Wardwell, Kelley Wescott and Brianna Willey! Super job!


MHS Trimester 3 Soph/Jr Exam Schedule 2012 - 2013


Tues   6/18

Wed   6/19

Thur   6/20

Fri   6/21

7:30 - 9:05


Block 1


Block 3


Block 4


Block 5

9:05 - 9:15






9:15 -10:50


Block 2


Activity Block

Block 6

Incomplete make-up time. *

Exam make-up only

10:50 – 11:15





11:15 - 1:50

Students in advisory for exam study.

Incomplete make-up time. *

Students in advisory for exam study.

Incomplete make-up time. *

Students in advisory for exam study. Incomplete make-up time. *

Grades 9-11 are dismissed for summer break

All MHS Students in good academic standing will get early dismissal slips from their advisor.


Freshman have a different schedule for their Core Classes and will only have final exams in their elective courses during the blocks specified. During their core time, Freshman will be continuing to earn proficiency and mastery on their standards in Math, Science, Social Studies and English.


Massabesic High School’s Honored Student for March 2013 are as follows: Derrek Abbott

Allen Anderson, Angela Athearn, Kelvin Bailey, Victoria Barstow, Angelica Bennett,Crystal Boucher, Brandon Bowles, Haleigh Couture, Kyle Cox, Jessica Faber, Jacob Fetter, Matthew Girouard, Ashley Goodwin, Brian Gooze, Chris Goudreau, Elijiah Greenleaf, Therese Guillereault, Alexander Hanna, Thomas Harrington, James Hill, Kyle Hill, Craig Hodder

Kyle Hollway, Tiffany Holt, Jacob Hougham, Kylie Ireland, Abigail Johnson, Timmothy Johnson

Allison Kennedy, Matt Kramer, Justin Langlois, Jordan Ledger, Abigail Lemieux, Edwin Lewis

Kyle Little, Josh Lovely, Melissa Mackie, Danielle Mailhot, Kaylond Mauzerolle, Jack Melanson

Haley Monroe, Kevin Nguyen, Maelin Nutting, Skye Parslow, Kristiana Poland, Dawson Renaud

Leah Ridley, Peter Robbins, Alexis Rumney, John Secunde, John Shirk, Rebecca Smith, Riley Smith, Kate Sobanik, Abbie Staples, Shianne Starbird, Lindsay Stevens, Andrew Tibbetts, Zach Traver, Hannah Vallee, Jak Vaznis, Krista Walton, Collin Winkel, Nigel Wrightington and Chad Zunser! Excellent work!


Please review the back of this page for the names of all of our MHS Students whose hard work and determination earned them honor roll status for Trimester 2. Thanks very much!


Thanks for reading this letter.


Very truly yours,



Christian M. Elkington


Massabesic High School is pleased to announce the 2nd Trimester Honor Roll for 2012-2013 school year!




Sierra Arral

Nathan Baert

Connor Bourassa

Alyssa Bryan

Troy Cloutier

Alecia Connolly

Maquila Dimastrantonio

Hannah Duffy

Andrea Hamann

Faith Hoyle

Katie Lavigne

Erin Leach

Justin Leach

Keilly Lynch

Roshelle Morrison

Steele Muchemore-Allen

Jane Pettit

Matthew Prokey

Margaret Redman

Dawson Renaud

Madison Russell

Lindsay Stevens

Emily Wasina

Kelley Wescott



Derrek Abbott

Anthony Amabile

Madison Bantz

Hannah Blair

Brandon Bowles

Owen Bradley

Danielle Burbank

Ryan Burke

Acadia Byther

Elizabeth Clock

Kayla Colby

Emma Cost

Richard Cote

Haleigh Couture

MacKenzie Croteau

Kailey Daigle

Samantha Danis

Joseph Diaz

Summer Dodge

Elaine Dudley

Cassandra Duranceau

Morgan Farina

Julia Gallaher

Makayla Garcia

Noah Harfoush

Zachary Huff

Morgan Labbe

Jordan Ledger

Calvin Lehman

Theresa Long

Rebecca Malloy

Sebastiana Mosher

Joseph Parker

Brynn Patenaude

Ashlyn Plante

Benjamin Poulin

Alexis Prescott

Audrey Robidoux

Gaije Roy

Alexis Rumney

Ashley Russell

Tyler Secord

John Shirk

Addison Simpson

Abigail Staples

Cailin Steeves

Delia Sylvain

Sarah Szymczak

Huter Tarbox

Danielle Vigue

Hannah Waugh

Caleb Whittemore

Erica Williams

Surafel Zunser




Haley Bantz

Dylan Blackington

Courtney Boucher

Shayna Davis

Kimberly Domingo

Allison Dunlap

Remington Gaetjens

Michala Geiger

Jennifer Hanson

Kaylee Hayes

Mira Kuni

Garrett LaFrance

Deidra Lantagne

John Melanson

Meghan Neyer

Karlie Pike

Kaitlyn Simonds

Alyssa Wardwell



Angela Athearn

Monique Biener

Crystal Boucher

Alexis Boulay

J. Matthew Buck

Aliza Buckbee

Maegan Cabana

Catherine Card

Melissa Carmichael

Jeremy Colello

Ashley Cryer

Casey Descoteaux

Ashley Desrochers

Sarah Dion

Elija Dremsa

Kyle Duffy

Renee Dugas

David Egan

Alyssa Elwell

Bria Fales

Larry Fournier

Abagail Grames

Jesse Hall

Logan Hamilton

Thomas Harrington

Morgan Heavel

Tyler House

Taylor Hudson

Abigail Johnson


Andrew Lee

Kristina Lenchuk

Edwin Lewis

Alex Marino

Eion McNeil

Levi Mee

Nicole Mercier

Daniel Metayer

Andrew Mongiat

Jonathan Ohman

Ethan Peabody

Haley Poulin

Leah Ridley

Erin Roberts

Ashley Rondeau

Kimberly Saltmarsh

Desiree Saucier

William Secunde

Rebecca Smith

James Stolo

Johnathon Theriault

Danielle Tulipano

David Warren

Olivia Whitehouse

Jacob Young




Mariah Arral

Olivia Bradley

Caitlin Burke

Jacob Collupy

Shauna Crowley

Sommer deAguilar

Julianne Dumond

Emily Foglio

Chelsie Goodwin

Samuel Johnston

Ali Lamb

Nicole LoConte

Danielle Mailhot

Michelle Mailhot

Haley Monroe

Bailey Ohman

Zachary Peters

Avery Ring

Alexandrea Staples

Nicholas Staples

McKenzi Stevens

Cote Taylor

Danielle Tripp

Nicholas Vigue

Rayne Whitten



Matthew Archer

Olivia Ayotte

Jordan Bantz

Abbigayle Beauchesne

Hayley Bell

Elijah Bragg

Trevor Burns

Brianna Chamberlain

Alexandra Conner

Audrey DeWitt

Stephen Duffy

Emilie Duggan


Robert Elliott

Tyler Everett

Danielle Ewing

David Gerard

Haley Gregoire

Jacob Hougham

Sara Kelley

Logan Kolstee

Jolena Lampron

Justin Langlois

Tricia LePage

Kimberly Lewis

Seamus Lynch

Nicole Madruga

Alison Mc Donald

Brianna Missick

Samuel Moody

Hannah Pazmany

Leighton Phinney

Dorothy Plumpton

Logan Provencher

Sarah Redman

Rain Reinauer

Michael Roux

Gabrielle Sawyer

Nicole Sproul

Monica St. Amand

Sara Stott

Angel Waters

Jason Winsor





Jessica Bennett

Klara Blazejovska

Brandon Bosse

Robert Dermody

Salina DeSalvo

Devin Dulude

Nicholas Evans

Emma Faith

Deanna Faunce

Alyssa Gilman

Jazmyn Ireland

Kaylond Mauzerolle

Mallory McLaughlin

Madeline Sanborn

John Secunde

Emily Shupp

Katherine Sobanik

Andrea Thompson

Zachary Traver

Brian Wardwell

Danielle Watson

Madeline Waugh



Regan Adams

Daniel Allaire

Heidi Armell

Abbey Auger

David Avanzato

Kayla Belanger

Kaitlyn Bergeron

Haley Binette

Zachary Bishop


Joshua Bixby

Sequoia Booth

Travis Brown

Jonna Casoli

Jonathan Champlin

Miranda Chase

Stephen Chaves

Natasha Ciance

Sarah Connelly

Jessica Duckworth

Danielle Egan

Briana Durkan

Sarah Evans

Heather Everett

Krysten Forrester

Benjamin Gammon

Hannah Garland

Shantel Giguere

Zachary Gile

Matthew Girouard

Anthony Gregoire

Nathaniel Guillemette

Erica Guimond

Davis Hanna

Dylan Hanson

Alexis Hodgdon

Audrey Hoyle

Brittany Hoyle

Ashley Hunter

Kylie Johnson

Channing Jones

Haley Jones

Dalton Kennedy

Kaelyn Kuni

Kristin Lambert

Ashley Leclerc

Kaylin LeClerc

Alex Legere

Abigail Lemieux

Amber Libby

Tiana Madore

Hailey Marnell

Dylan Martin

Peter McCoy

James Medici

Emily Mee

Kelly Michaud

Anastasia Morgan

Kathryn Nagy

Casey Nava

Kayleigh Neyer

Deanna Norwald

Baxter Parent

Andrea Peare

Forest Ravensky

Nicole Roberge

John Sanborn

Amanda Schwab

Catherine Shaw

Amber Single

Lucas Skowronski

Jacqueline Stolo

Cody Vachon

Gwennyth Vansandt

Jolene Vigneault

Joshua Wakefield

Keara White

Please know that your hard work, focus and follow-through has earned you this honor! All of us at MHS are proud of your efforts and respect your commitment to the academic mission of MHS and of “Mustang Nation!”