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Letter from the Principal - 8/23/12

posted Aug 24, 2012, 4:44 PM by Massabesic highschool   [ updated Aug 24, 2012, 4:47 PM ]

August 23, 2012           


Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students:

As principal of Massabesic High School it is my pleasure to welcome each of you to the beginning of our upcoming school year. I begin my fourth year at MHS with much pride and excitement. The accomplishments that the students and staff of MHS have made over the last three years have been impressive. Course success rates, graduation rates, college courses earned are some of the areas where we have seen significant improvement! In the summer of 2012 MHS is more student-centered, more data-focused and a more student-success driven Learning Organization, which bases it’s planning and development on “Best Practices,” than ever before. Improved school and student success has been and will continue to be our focus! We still have much to do and can’t rest on these successes, but we do need to recognize that we are improving!

Our students are the key for both the improved results they are demonstrating and for the efforts they are making at MHS to reach higher and expect more! Thanks must also go to our staff for their hard work and willingness to make improvements to what we do. Change/improvement does mean more work initially and I am happy and proud to say that our staff understands this and does not let it get in the way of doing what is right! Lastly, I need to thank you our parents and guardians for the trust you have shown as we have made changes at MHS! Without your support the improved efforts we are starting to see would not happen.

We have a tremendous amount of excellence and untapped potential in the students of Massabesic High School. Our school’s results make it clear that our new direction and improved focus on what is best for students is making a positive difference! By continuing to work together in support of our school’s collective efforts we will continue to improve the education and opportunities for success, offered at Massabesic High School!

Important Dates:

-        8-29-12                                  Opening day of school

-        8-31-12 & 9-3-12                   No School

-        9-5-12                                    School information forms returned/ Freshman iPad InfoNight 6:30 PM                        

-        9-6-12 – 9-7-12                      School pictures

-        9-11-12                                  Junior/Senior Work Habits Info Night 6:30 – 8:00 PM

-        9-13-12                                  Frosh/Sophomore Work Habits Info Night 6:30 – 8:00 PM

-        9-27-12                                  MHS Open House 5:45 -7:45 PM

-        9-28-12                                  Progress Reports Handed Out

-        9-24-12 – 9-29-12                   Homecoming Week

-        10-11-12                                 Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences (2:15 – 6:00 PM)


Time between blocks has changed – For 2012-2013! In looking at our daily schedule we have decided that one more minute in between class blocks should end any concerns with students needing to get from class to class, while also making a locker stop. In order to maximize student-learning time within blocks at MHS the school day is being adjusted with this change. Our school day will still begin at 7:30 AM and end at 1:58 PM with final dismissal.

Opening Day – Is Tuesday, August 29th. Students will start the day (7:30 AM) with their Advisor in order to collect schedules and info. Advisor lists and maps will be displayed on hallway walls at each building to assist students in seeing where they need to go. We will then adjust our schedule accordingly for the rest of the day.

Freshman – Welcome to MHS! All three Freshman Teams are in the East Building this year. Freshman need to report to the East Building for our first day of school as they will report to their Advisory Teacher to start the day. All Freshman Advisories are in the East Building.

Census Verification Form – With this letter is your son or daughter’s information form. Please have your son/daughter return it to their advisor with any changes ASAP! Thanks!

MHS teachers will be assessing students – On their work habits starting this coming school year. In each course students will receive the following four grades: Content, Respectful, Responsible and Creative Thinker. A “new” MHS Work Habits Rubric was developed this past spring from both national expectations and standards to give students, parents and guardians more information on the skills and efforts that students are expected to be using with their studies.

Over the last three decades leaders from business, non-profits along with the educational world have shared multiple concerns that a number of skills are not being focused on; that this lack of focus and understanding is putting our nation at a competitive disadvantage within the world as students are not as ready as they need to be when they graduate from high school. MHS has recognized the need to break down these areas, just as other schools have. Please look for more information from me next week in a special mailing giving more details about the MHS Work Habits Rubric. Teachers will be explaining to students its use within their courses. I will be meeting with students from each class to discuss the new rubric and will be holding two information evenings for parents and guardians to explain the new rubric. These meetings will take place on 9-11-12 (Jrs/Srs) and on 9-13-12 (Frosh/Soph), at 6:30 PM in our auditorium.

iPads for – Freshman and Sophomores this year! In year two of our move to go “one to one” with technology, both freshman and sophomores will be receiving iPads this year. Sophomores will receive the iPad they used last year while Freshman will receive a new device. Sophomores will receive theirs the week of 9-2-12 and freshman will receive theirs the week of 9-16-12. Freshman parents should attend Freshman iPad Info Night on 9-5-12, 6:30 PM, in the MHS Aud.

Please bring a calculator to math class! – In order to better support problem solving and meet the needs of the many formulas to be learned MHS Junior and Senior Students do need to supply their own calculator for math class. Freshman and Sophomores will be able to use a feature on their iPad for this. If you are not sure what to purchase teachers will supply suggestions. Thanks!

Please check out – The Massabesic High School Website. We encourage everyone to use our website for important information. https://sites.google.com/a/rsu57.org/massabesic/

In closing please know that the staff of Massabesic High School believes strongly that ALL students at MHS can meet and exceed higher expectations in our classrooms and on our playing fields. As I always tell students “we can do better” is a non-negotiable for me and should be for everyone! We can always find solutions to problems or difficulties if we look at our data, check out research, review promising ideas and communicate with stakeholders.

Very truly yours, 

Christian M. Elkington