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Letter to Parents and Guardians of the Class of 2013

posted May 28, 2013, 4:22 AM by Massabesic highschool

To:  Parents and Guardians of the Class of 2013

From: Christian M. Elkington

Re: Important dates and information!

Date: 5-7-13


Please accept my apologies for any confusion that may have been caused by us not getting your family the following information more quickly. We know this is a very important time and that any and all information reduces confusion and questions. Before I review Senior Class Graduation Information and Activities with you I do want to make one more push to all of our students to finish strong! I am hearing from staff that over the last few weeks that the so-called “Senior-itus” appears to have come on much stronger and much earlier than in previous years. This can be especially harmful to those students who need every possible success within their classes in order to earn their diploma down the stretch, during their last 6 weeks of their senior year. We are here to help, and are working hard with every student in difficulty, but can’t accept just anything in the form of work, so as to allow a student to graduate.


The Portland Exposition Building is an excellent place for graduation and look forward to our return there for 2013. We also look forward, as you do, to the graduation of the Class of 2013. Please feel free to contact Mr. Scully (coordinates graduation activities with the class advisors), if you have any questions about the Graduation for the Class of 2013. Thanks!


Senior Finals/Senior Week Schedule:

May 30th: Final Exams for Blocks 4-5

May 31st: Final Exams for Blocks 1-2-3

June 2nd (SUNDAY): Class Trip

                        Arrive at MHS 6:30am

                                    Bus Leaves MHS 7am                 

Return to MHS 10pm  (Time approximate)

June 3rd: No school for seniors EXCEPT for those who have incompletes!

June 4th: Marching Practice (8:00am-1:00pm)

                        Possible lunch provided 1:00pm

June 5th: Marching Practice (8:00am-1:00pm)

            Senior Night (6:00pm-10:15 pm)

                        5:00pm Seniors arrive at MHS and meet in the MHS Auditorium

                        6:00pm Senior Awards and Slide Show

                        Following the awards presentation refreshments in the Café

                        *****9pm-10:15pm Hypnotist for Seniors only*****

June 6th: Graduation

                        4:15pm Seniors meet in the Auditorium

                        4:30pm Load the buses (all seniors MUST travel on buses)

                        4:45pm Depart MHS for Portland Expo (EXPO)

                        6:00pm Arrive at EXPO, Doors also open to the public

                        7:00pm Graduation Begins

                        Following Graduation students depart for Project Graduation

                        5:30am Students return to MHS from Project Graduation.


Marching Practice:

1.     Marching practice is mandatory, scheduled for 2 days

2.     *Students who miss marching practice do not participate in graduation exercises. Students MUST be at each practice.


*Marching practice is an important piece of a senior’s final week. Students have the rest of their lives to work, but only a few days left with their fellow graduates and only one high school graduation. Since graduation is a privilege and not a right we expect seniors to follow and families to support the expectations we have for attendance. These expectations make graduation an enjoyable experience for all!


Tickets/ Caps & Gowns for graduation:

1.     All tickets will be distributed at the end of the last day of marching practice

***Ticket Info:  2 Seats on the floor and 10 general admission tickets.

2.     Requests for extras made after 1st day of marching practice, if you are not using all of your tickets please turn in the extras

3.     Caps and gowns are given out on the last day of marching practice to those who do not have any outstanding obligation monetary obligations (Class Dues, fines, lost books etc…).

The graduation set up at the Portland Expo is for 3000 spectators so tickets are not as plentiful as we would like. Most families can get extra tickets, as not every family needs 12. We appreciate your understanding of these seating constraints.


Parking at the Expo will be between the expo and the ice arena as well as near the track / football field area behind the expo.  Additional parking will be on the street.  All handicapped parking needs will be met in the lot next to the expo and drop off in the front of the building is possible.

Special seating- Wheel chair, handicap, hearing impaired etc. and parking requests are to be made after the first day of marching practice.

Handicap drop off will be directly in front of the building.


Dress Code for under gowns:


1.     Girls – light color dress or skirt and top, otherwise will show thru white gown, comfortable shoes or sandals

2.     Boys – dress pants or khakis with button down shirt, tie looks good but not required, comfortable shoes

3.     No jeans, shorts, flip flops, boots, sneakers please

4.     Caps may be decorated but tastefully, MHS Administration has the final approval of decorations made to caps.


Congratulations go to the CLASS OF 2013 and to their families!