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Letter to the Students from Principal Elkington 11-14-11

posted Nov 15, 2011, 4:04 PM by Massabesic highschool
Principal’s Memo

To: MHS Students
From: Christian Elkington
Re: Monthly Update
Date: 11-14-11

I continue to be impressed – With the respect that you have and are demonstrating this fall.
Your efforts during some difficult moments we have had to work through in three separate
school-wide assemblies and on trips taken both within our state and in New England has
impressed many! You are representing yourselves, your school and your communities with
distinction! After our Veteran’s Day Assembly several guests came up to me to comment on the
positive behaviors and actions they witnessed. Dr. Selma Botman, President Of USM, who met
with our Junior Class a few weeks back, shared that "the students of Massabesic High School
were the most well-prepared and respectful of any high school group I have visited. Well-done
“Mustang Nation!”

Final Exams – Start this Friday! On behalf of the staff of MHS I forward best wishes to each and
every student as you come down the stretch. Remember that it is your responsibility to work with
your course teachers if you need to redo, make-up and/or relearn material. Time is available each
afternoon during exams. Exam schedules are available in the main office.

Congratulations go to - Victoria Long for being selected as a "Commended Student" and to
Cassandra Hamann for earning recognition as a “National Merit Semifinalist” in the National
Merit Scholarship Program! Well-done!

Cell phones – Are becoming a bigger problem. We are trying to work with you but see an
increasing number of students having difficulty keeping their phones off during class time. Our
expectations are clear with consequences for not following them now tougher. The 2nd offense
will result in 1 month no use at MHS and the 3rd offense 6 months with no use. “Off during class
time” also means when you use the bathroom or water fountain during class! If we don’t see an
immediate change then I will be forced to ban use during the day. You need to decide!

Medical Appointments and Excused & Unexcused Absences - If you have a medical
appointment and are tardy or dismissed for the rest of the school day because of it then YOU, not
your parents or guardians, must bring in documentation from the medical office you are visiting
or else it will be considered unexcused. It is your responsibility. Thanks for your attention to this!

A BIG “Way to Go” – Goes to our MHS Women’s and Men’s X-Country Teams for their efforts
at the Western Maine Class A Meet. Our girls’ team finished 2nd (1st public school) and our boys’
team finished 3rd. Their combined score was the best at the meet! At the State Class A
Championship Meet our girls placed 3rd! Super job representing us with class and dignity!

Congratulations go to – Brian Wardwell who had a 2nd piece of writing published by the Maine
Humanities Council this past spring. Brian’s piece, called “Through A Howling Wilderness,
Benedict Arnold’s March,” was put to music and also sung by Brian! Way to go Brian!

Project Graduation for the Class of 2012 – Is looking for help, to support this year’s project
graduation plans. This year we are going to need much more parent and guardian assistance to
help coordinate as Mr. Legere our volunteer coordinator for the past twenty-plus years, retired
from MHS. A half-dozen parents and guardians have volunteered, but we need more. Please talk
with your parents or guardians and have them call or email me if they are interested. Thanks!

“Mustang Nation”/ “M” Shirts recognition – Goes to Scott O’Brien (a positive and helpful
student guide), Josiah Krebs (respect shown at a recent events), Cory Jernigan (help with open
house), Thomas Theriault/ Ryan Bean/ Jolene Vigneault (refurbishing and donating a bench to the
senior courtyard), Leighton Phinney (volunteering with math students), Jordain Drain (assisting
students with academic support) and Bernard Simpson (assisting when others are not following
expectations). Your support for MHS is much appreciated!

Great news to report – MHS Students are taking advantage of college courses! From the fall of
2006, when 10 MHS Students were enrolled in 10 college classes, to this fall with 57 MHS
Students enrolled in 75 classes, we have seen tremendous growth. We are well on our way to our
goal of 150 courses taken by MHS Students during the 2011-2012 school year! More MHS
students are taking more college courses than students at any other school in York County. If you
want more information on an inexpensive way to earn college credit as a junior or senior, then
please see you counselor. Way to go “Mustang Nation!”

Congratulations go to - Kyle Lessard for being chosen as an Officer for the Skills USA
Leadership Conference in Bangor. Kyle will be representing Sanford Regional Technical Center
and Massabesic High School! Well-deserved Kyle!

School grounds expectations after school – Need to be cleared up. I want to make sure that we
are all working from the same information in regards to after school. Please remember that from
Monday – Thursday until 4:30 PM and on Friday until 3:00 PM an adult from MHS must
supervise all students on school grounds. Students cannot be on school grounds without
permission and supervision. Thanking you for your immediate attention to this expectation!

Update on JJIC Policy (eligibility) – As you probably know, our school board passed the
highest extra-curricular participation expectations in our league this past spring. Students who
want to participate must either have passed all of their courses in the trimester before the activity
takes place or at least be involved in an academic intervention during the beginning of the
trimester for no more than one course in difficulty. As we move toward the end of our Fall
Trimester, I remind all students that if you are having some end of trimester academic difficulties
that you take advantage of any and all time that is available with your teachers along with any of
the interventions we have. Thanks!

MHS Honored Students – Appear on our MHS Student Information Boards at both of our
buildings. I ask that you give these MHS Students the respect that they deserve by honoring them
through the reading of the list. Thanks very much!

Thanks for listening!