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Note to Parents/Guardians of MHS Vocational School Students

posted Sep 6, 2011, 6:52 PM by Massabesic highschool
To: The Parents and Guardians of MHS Vocational School Students
From: Christian Elkington
Re: Increasing communication and support!
Date: 9-1-11

It is our hope that this note finds you having enjoyed a fine Maine Summer. Over the past school year several of you along with your sons and daughters shared with us, rightly so, that you felt we needed to improve the way we at MHS communicate with our vocational students. You told us that because the vocational school schedules have students coming and going from MHS each day it made it difficult for information to be shared in a clear manner. This summer we reviewed these concerns and developed a plan to better support our vocational students. Our plan has three pieces, which we are confident will improve communication:
  1. A new bulletin board has been set up, just for vocational students near the Main Office. It will have copies of memos handed out, other info as needed and announcements made during each day. Vocational students will be expected to check it out each day and/or week.
  2. Any school-wide handouts given out during the day (principal notes, etc.) will be handed to students when they get off the bus on their return to MHS.
  3. A new information packet was put together by Mr. Stinson and Mr. Morin and then handed out and reviewed in meetings with vocational students this past Tuesday. These meetings appeared to go well with expectations and needed student follow-through clearly communicated to all.

The information packet included the following:

  • MHS Opening Days Schedule
  • Start Date for Vocational Students
  • Bus Departure Times and Locations
    • Missing the bus means what?
  • Attendance
    • Notifying both MHS and the vocational school when out ill
    • AM students checking in upon return (MHS Return Protocol)
    • PM students and the MHS Return Protocol
  • PM Vocational Lunch Expectations
  • LIMITS to driving to vocational school
  • Special Situations such as:
    • One and two hour delays
    • Early Release
    • MHS Attendance when vocational school are closed
    • Attendance at MHS Assemblies happens how?

  • School Communications and General Student Information
  • Trimester Exam Schedule for Vocational Students
  • Converting vocational grades to the MHS Grading System
  • Early Dismissal/Late Arrival Form when there is no vocational school
  • Assembly Attendance Permission Form
  • Permission to Drive Form
  • The “new” STRC Attendance Policy

We believe that the above efforts and actions will help to strengthen our vocational students connection to MHS and cut out much of the confusion that has occurred recently. As always we ask that you please give us your feedback whenever possible so that we can continue to support our MHS Students taking on the added responsibility of attending vocational programs through SRTC and Biddeford.