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Principal's Welcome Letter to the Class of 2017

posted Mar 1, 2013, 7:15 AM by Massabesic highschool


The mission of Massabesic High School, in partnership with home and community, is to prepare students to think, to communicate, to show respect, and to understand the power of knowledge with a commitment to life-long learning…

Principal’s Memo


To: 8th Grade Parents, Guardians and Students

From:  Christian M. Elkington, Principal MHS

Re:  Course Selection Night and next steps!

Date: 2/20/13


As Principal of Massabesic High School, it is my pleasure to write to you as you start to focus some of your energies and thoughts on becoming a part of MHS. We look forward to the Class of 2017 joining us and appreciate your wanting the best possible start for your son or daughter in the coming school year. Please know, that we will strive to work closely with each of you in support of student success at MHS!


Our Freshman Teams are staffed with very supportive educators. They emphasize continuous communication, which pays off in improved success amongst our 9th grade students each year. I share this not because it sounds good, but because it is fact! Over the last three years I have both read many important email communications between parents and our freshman staff or have received positive communications from parents and guardians about the efforts being made to support their sons and daughters. We also have clear data, which shows that freshman student results have improved three years in a row. Each year we will continue to strive to improve upon our past success or difficulties, as we know we can always improve what we do for our students and their families. 


I am sharing the above with you because I want all students, parents and guardians who may have had some difficulties in middle school not to start to think that the worst is yet to come at the “big, bad high school.” We work with each and every student to help them find the success that they need and deserve. I believe that you have to truly try to fail in order to not have success at Massabesic High School. I also want to tell those students that have had success at Massabesic Middle School to keep their schedule full at MHS! It is most important that you continue to strive to be the best that you can be in your first year as part of “Mustang Nation!”


Eighth to ninth grade transition efforts have been redeveloped over the last three years to increase communication between the staffs of both schools so that each student’s academic needs are more clearly understood and supported. The commitment that Mr. Fisher and I made to work more closely together on a variety of instructional areas is better supporting students’ strengths and weaknesses. Each year this work begins in December. We look forward to this teamwork continuing over the next four months.


In preparation for your son/daughter’s entrance into Massabesic High School this coming fall, we are offering the following two events:


-       On Monday, March 4th from 6:30 - 8:30 PM, you and your son or daughter are invited to attend the Freshman Course Selection Night at MHS. You will learn about course offerings, the course registration process, and have your questions answered by MHS Staff.

-       On Tuesday, March 12th from 6:30 – 8:00 PM, you and your son or daughter are also invited to attend Curriculum & Activity Night. During this evening booths will be set up in our gymnasium for you to walk around and speak with dept. heads about courses and/or to talk with activity advisors and/or students involved with activities at MHS.


The agenda for March 4th will be as follows:


6:30 - WELCOME and introductions (MHS Gymnasium)


6:35 - Communication is KEY!


6:40 - Review of Freshman Schedule


6:50 - Interscholastic Activities offered/ eligibility


6:55 – NJROTC at MHS


7:00 - iPads in 2013-2014


7:05 - Course Selection Process 101


7:15 - Counselor breakouts with parents & guardians on the course selection process


Three other items I need to briefly review with you:


1.)   MHS Freshman Planning Handbook – will be available on line for your review early next week under the MHS Web Site’s Guidance Page. It includes freshman course information. Hard copies will be handed out either at MMS or when we see you on the 4th.

2.)   9th Grade Course Selection Sheets - will also be available to download from this same page early next week.

3.)   Please take a look at the MHS Web Site – highschool.rsu57.org as you will find many publications including: Honored Students, letters to parents, and many other items of interest. Please take part in celebrating student success at MHS by reading about “Mustang Nation’s” fine students!


We look forward to starting our work with you on Tuesday, March 4th, at 6:30 PM!