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Progress Reports

posted Mar 3, 2016, 5:04 AM by Massabesic highschool
Dear Parents and Guardians:

It is our hope that your son or daughter’s first Progress Report of Semester Two shares with you positive academic progress. If it does, please know that we applaud these efforts and look forward to this continued success! If this progress report is not sharing the success you know your son or daughter can produce and needs, please know there is plenty of time for your son or daughter to improve.

With Semester Two barely five weeks old this first progress report will share very basic information with you, as students have in many cases worked on practice and formative assessments. With few summative assessments completed I ask that you please pay particular attention to the comments shared by our teachers, as they will probably give you the best information. Thanks!

Our next progress report comes out in five weeks (April 8th). This means there are several intervention opportunities (Advisory Block, study halls and after school), for those students in early difficulty to, with assistance from our staff, to move their efforts in a positive direction. Your assistance in helping guide your son or daughter into making positive academic choices will be most important over the next five weeks.

Semester Two, Parent-Teacher Conferences will be on Thursday April 7th, which may be the perfect time to contact your son or daughter's teachers to see if progress is being made and/or to PUT in PLACE more stringent expectations.  If you feel the need to meet sooner with teachers please either contact them directly or ask your son or daughter's guidance counselor, to help arrange a meeting. Thanks!

It is our responsibility (home & school), to work together in using the time available to help your son or daughter succeed during Semester Two!

Christian M. Elkington, Principal