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September 2013 Parent/Guardian Letter

posted Sep 14, 2013, 4:56 PM by Massabesic highschool   [ updated Sep 14, 2013, 4:59 PM ]

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students:              

As Principal of Massabesic High School it is my pleasure to welcome each of you to the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. I began my fifth year at MHS this past July with much hope, looking forward to building off of the many positive efforts of the last four years. In the summer of 2013 you will find that MHS is more student-centered, more data-focused and a more student-success driven Learning Organization, with higher expectations than ever before. Improved school and student success continues to be our focus!

The key to successful school change and improvement, besides taking the right steps, is for all stakeholders to take ownership of the efforts and the results earned. Thanks go to our students, staff and to our community members for their support these past four years. I also must thank you our parents and guardians for the trust you have shown as we have made changes at MHS! Without your support the improved efforts we are seeing would not have happened. The successful passing of the 2013-2014 RSU 57 Budget demonstrated to me the commitment our communities are making to our students and schools in the years to come!

I can’t stress enough the tremendous amount of excellence and untapped potential that we have in the students of Massabesic High School! Wherever and whenever our students take a trip we ALWAYS hear about the positive actions they take to represent us with distinction. Working with you we will continue our efforts to help our students realize and use their many skills and talents. By continuing to work together in support of our school’s collective efforts we will continue to improve the education and opportunities for success, offered at Massabesic High School!


Important Dates:

-        8-22-13 through 9-6-13        Add Drop (courses)

-        9-3-13                                         First day of school at MHS

-        9-5-13                                         Sanford Regional Technical Center classes begin

-        9-5-13 – 9-6-13                        School Pictures

-        9-9-13                                         School information forms returned

-        9-9-13                                         iPad Deployment Info Night 6:30 PM

-        9-16-13                                       All Sports Night 6:30 PM

-        9-23-13 – 9-28-13                       Homecoming Week              

-        10-1-13                                       Progress Reports Handed Out

-        10-1-13                                       Project Graduation Meeting 6:00 PM

-        10-3-13                                       MHS Open House 5:45 -7:45 PM

-        10-24-13                                      Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences (2:15 – 6:00 PM)


Opening Day – Is Tuesday, September 3rd. Students will start the day (7:30 AM) with their Advisor in order to collect schedules and info. Advisor lists and maps will be displayed throughout each building to assist students in seeing where they need to go.

Freshman – Welcome to MHS! All Freshman need to report to the gym in the West Building by 7:25 AM the first day of school where they will meet their Advisory. Thanks!

Census Verification Form – With my last letter you received your son or daughter’s information form. Please have your son/daughter return it to their advisor with any changes ASAP! Thanks!

Please check out – The Massabesic High School Website. We encourage everyone to use our website for important information. https://sites.google.com/a/rsu57.org/massabesic/

RSU57’s iPad Program – Project Empowerment is changing as all MHS Students will be receiving an iPad to use! Beginning this school year RSU 57 has opted into the State of Maine’s Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI).  Many parents and student will be familiar with MLTI as the program that provided laptops to all seventh and eighth grade students. Under its new authorization RSU57 will be receiving new iPads for all MHS Students. Students will be receiving a 32gb iPad (iPad 3) with a retina screen and five megapixel camera along with a new iPad Smart Case.  Participation also includes 15gbs of iCloud storage. Under this program students will be issued a state iTunes ID, which will provide them access to over forty-five educational Apps free of charge. The new iPads also include four years of AppleCare Warranty, which will greatly reduce repair costs. Any apps or music purchased with a personal iTunes ID will be able to be downloaded to the new iPad. Students who participated in “Project Empowerment” in the past will also have an opportunity to retrieve any information stored on their previously issued iPads. This represents a significant hardware upgrade as well as the expansion of the program to all MHS students.

NOTE: Incoming sophomores and juniors who participated in Project Empowerment previously will have the choice to stay with that program or receive a new iPad under MLTI.  In choosing to stay with the original program students will be reissued their existing iPad and case. The Family Commitment Fee and repair fees associated with the original program will still apply. Since MLTI is a no cost alternative for Families, no fees will be waived or reduced if a family decides to keep the older iPad. Specific information will be sent home with more details along with a form for you to identify your choice during the first weeks of school.  This will be a one time opportunity to choose to switch to MLTI or stay with the original program. Under the original program students will be able to keep their iPad upon graduation from MHS provided all fees associated with program have been paid.

The MHS Project Graduation Team - Will hold their first meeting on 10-1-13, at 6:00pm in the MHS Library. The team will look to provide another wonderful celebration for our graduating seniors! Anyone interested in participating contact Lorraine Marcotte at 207-247-0084 or Brendan Scully at 207-247-3141.

Student dress – Can become an issue if we don’t work together to follow our school’s expectations. The following is taken directly from the MHS Student Handbook:

Student dress and appearance should not detract from each student’s educational focus and should not be a safety hazard.  Students dressed inappropriately will be required to cover up or change their clothing.  THE ADMINISTRATION WILL BE THE FINAL JUDGE WHETHER DRESS IS APPROPRIATE.  Examples of unacceptable attire include, but are not limited to:

1)     Clothing—a) promoting alcohol, tobacco or other chemicals; b) that is obscene, vulgar or indecent; c) which presents a safety hazard; d) that is judged to be excessively worn/torn; e) that exposes bare skin including but not limited to the midriff, chest and shoulders; f) that is demeaning to any person or group of persons on the basis of race, sex, handicap, religion, age or national origin.

2)     Bathing suits, spandex only, bandannas, immodest tank tops and/or spaghetti straps (straps must be two fingers in width), halter-tops, muscle shirts, off-the-shoulder tops, and low cut tops.  Shorts and/or skirts/dresses will be no shorter than the student’s fingertips when standing with arms relaxed and hanging to the sides. Yoga pants/leggings can be worn with a covering top meeting the fingertip standard.

3)     Failure to meet the above criteria will result in the student being asked to change. If the student refuses they will be sent to ISAS. Subsequent infractions will result in the student being sent to ISAS for the remainder of the day.”

Congratulations go to the following MHS Student-Athletes earning SMAA ALL CONFERENCE Recognition:

Softball – 2nd Team Danielle Egan & Amber Libby, Kassidy Hill Honorable Mention

Baseball – 1st Team Casey Nava & Brian Wardwell, Dawson Renaud All Rookie Team

Boys Lacrosse – 1st Team Jacob DesRochers, Corbin Cass Honorable Mention

Girls Lacrosse – 1st Team Heather Everett & Keara White, 2nd Team Kaelyn Kuni, Rayne Whitten & Jackie Guilmette, Karlie Pike All Rookie Team.

Congratulations go to the following MHS Student-Athletes – Who earned All Academic Status for spring sports: Alyssa Gilman, Kaelyn Kuni, Madeline Sanborn, Keara White, Jolena Lampron, Rayne Whitten, Deidra Lantagne, Karlie Pike, Zac Traver, Jacob Collupy, Justin Langlois, Avery Ring, Nicholas Vigue, Adam Marcotte, Andrew Mongiat, Audrey Hoyle, Sarah Evans, Sommer Deaguilar, Haley Monroe, McKenzie Stevens, Melissa Carmichael, Jesse Hall, Edwin Lewis, Seamus Lynch, Kathleen Duffy, Kayleigh Neyer, Katherine Sobanik, Jordan Bantz, Emily Foglio, Tricia Lepage, Sarah Redman, Haley Bantz, Monique Biener, Shayna Davis, Michala Geiger, Kym Hendrix, Gabrielle Johnson, Karisa Lamberson, Meghan Neyer, Amber Libby, Shauna Crowley, Emilie Duggan, Bailey Ohman, Chelsie Goodwin, Alex Staples, Danielle Tripp, Alyssa Wardwell, Casey Nava, Brian Wardwell, Remington Gaetjens and Nicholas Staples! We are very proud of your efforts!

Massabesic High School believes and practices through our actions and words that ALL students at MHS can meet and exceed higher expectations in our classrooms and on our playing fields. We look forward to working with you to make this our reality!

Very truly yours,

Christian M. Elkington, Principal