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Technology Error Today!

posted Jun 2, 2016, 12:48 PM by Massabesic highschool

Hi! As part of our end of year collection of iPads, a senior collection day was scheduled for today. However, due to a breakdown in communication the District Tech Dept. started some procedures, which resulted in some students losing materials, projects and/or assessments that had not been submitted for scoring by our teachers.

District technology staff immediately made themselves available in our school library throughout today and will be available through the time of graduation to help recover lost work by restoring a senior's iPad to their latest backup. Generally, iPads backup to iCloud daily when the device is signed into iCloud, plugged in, powered on, and on a wireless network. What this means is that anything a student completed or worked-on before their last update should be able to be found by district tech staff. One example I can share is a student whose machine backed-up on May 31st. We are not happy as the student still lost work from yesterday, but fortunately the student will have only lost work from yesterday, not work completed from three days ago or a week etc...

MHS Staff is working with our students to ensure that this mishap does not impact final student grades in the following ways:

- If an assignment can't be found after the backup is located then the teacher will meet with the student and get information from the student verbally to check for understanding. Our teachers will err on the side of our students in their checking for student understanding and completion.

- If a student needed an excellent final grade to get over the minimum expectations for earning course credit in a class and the teacher feels that the student has met the bar then the student will be given a "P" for Pass for their final grade and not a 70 etc... The earning of a "P" will not negatively impact or damage a student's transcript.

- If a parent/guardian or student has a concern around the final grade the student receives on a project that has lost some material then they are to come to me to review their concerns and for a final decision to be made by me.

The District Tech Dept. feels terrible about this error and apologizes for a situation like this happening at such an unfortunate time of the year. They know this has had an impact on many students and will are doing all they can to rectify the current situation. They will be working with MHS Administration this summer to develop a protocol to avoid anything like this ever happening again.

Please know that our staff also feels badly that this has happened to some of our seniors. You have my word that we will support all seniors involved in this difficulty.

My best,

Christian M. Elkington, Principal