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November 2012 Letter to Parents/Guardians

posted Nov 21, 2012, 5:21 AM by Massabesic highschool   [ updated Nov 21, 2012, 5:25 AM ]

November 19, 2012

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Best wishes to you from all of us at Massabesic High School! It is our hope that you are enjoying time with family or friends during the Thanksgiving Break. It is my pleasure to share the following information about “Mustang Nation” with you.

Important Dates:

 -       11-21-12 to 11-23-12                     Thanksgiving Break

-       11-28-12 to 11-30-12                     Final Exams (schedule on page two)

-       Monday 12-03-12                          Winter Trimester begins

-       Tuesday 12-4-12                            Financial Aid Night 7:00 PM

-       Wednesday 12-5-12                       Blood Drive at MHS All Day

-       Friday 12-07-12                             Report Cards handed out in Advisory

-       Friday 12-07-12                             UNE “On the Spot” Admissions

-       Wednesday 12-12-12                     Credit Recovery School after school begins

-       Friday 12-14-12                             Winter Activities PM Rally

-       Friday 12-14-12                             Dance 7:00 – 10:00 PM

Sophomore through Senior Final Exam Expectations – Are for students to be at MHS for all of their scheduled classes, including study halls and Advisory PM Study Time in the afternoon. Only students who are passing all of their courses and do not wish to attend their scheduled study hall and/or Advisory PM Study Time may come in late or leave early by completing a permission form that must be signed by a parent or guardian. Early Release/Late Arrival Exam permission forms are obtained through Advisory teachers and must be returned to your son or daughter’s Advisor by Tuesday, November 27th.

Freshman Final Exam Expectations – Are different as freshman only take finals in their off team classes. Freshman are expected to be at MHS ALL DAY, ALL THREE DAYS. They will have a special schedule to attend their Core Classes during their team blocks in the AM and will be attending core classes all day.

FINANCIAL AID NIGHT AT MHS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4thWill be from 7:00 to 8:30 pm in the MHS Auditorium.  Our presenter will be Jessica Whittier of the Finance Authority of Maine. Mrs. Whittier will explain the financial aid process in clear and understandable terms and review the FAFSA. All seniors who plan to continue their education beyond high school and their parents and guardians should attend this valuable workshop. Others may also attend!

We have increased our Academic – Expectations through both adjustments made to the MHS Rubric Scale and by implementing the MHS Work Habits Rubric for the 2012-2013 School Year. We did this because our students must meet and exceed higher expectations when they leave us. We have developed multiple interventions over these last three years so as to assist students who might struggle in reaching higher. In my four years as your high school principal we have always “checked & adjusted” to support students needing more support and to create higher expectations. This year we added a process for students who receive below a "3" to work with their teachers to retake an assessment or relearn material to meet a standard and earn a passing grade.

We have seen some, but not all, students and families taking advantage of the academic interventions we have in place. Many students in academic difficulty have not taken advantage of either working with their classroom teacher or our school’s intervention system since our “new” expectations were implemented during the Fall Trimester. As we come to the end of the Fall Trimester this means that we do have students with differing degrees of need, some of which will not be able to be supported as they would like during PM Exam Study Time and will instead need to take intervention courses for make-up during the Winter Trimester.

Afternoons at MHS during exam days – Will be set aside for students to do one of three things:

1.              Study independently for final exams

2.              Check-in with teachers for some additional support in studying for final exams

3.              Work with the classroom teacher of the course where the student would be considered at least at “Incomplete” at the time of finals under the following definition:

-       Is missing a few assessments/assignments or standards needing to be completed

-       Is missing a few assessments/assignments that have been handed back for the student to redo

-       Has completed at least 55 - 69% of the standards and/or has a 55 - 69Avg. with at least 2’s or better on their MHS Work Habits expectations for that class.

4.              During PM Study Time Sophomore through Senior Students are expected to work with the teachers of the classes in which they meet the above criteria. Failure to do so will result in the student losing Incomplete Status and the opportunity to finish the course for a passing grade after the Fall Trimester ends.

If your son or daughter has not been using some of their school time during the Fall Trimester to either redo assessments when given the opportunity or using after school time for extra assistance, then the afternoon time during exam days will not be available to them other than to study for their next final. Students too far behind, as measured by the above definition, will have too many standards to learn and too much work to complete and so will need to take advantage of our MHS Winter Trimester Interventions instead.

MHS Trimester Exam Schedule 2012 – 2013 (SRTC students are expected to attend SRTC)


Wednesdays Nov. 28

Thursday Nov. 29

Friday Nov. 30

7:30 - 9:00


Block 1


Block 3


Block 5

9:00 - 9:20




9:20 -10:50


Block 2


Block 4


(Activity, Block 6, and 4th Freshman Exam)

Other students in advisory.

10:50 – 11:20




11:20 - 1:50

Students in advisory for PM Exam Study Time.

Students in advisory for PM Exam Study Time.

Students in advisory for PM Exam Study Time.

Congratulations go to the following MHS Student-Athletes of the Month - For September Sarah Cost and Brian Wardwell and for October Jocelyn Acheson and Cody Vachon! Well-Done!

BRAVO to Massabesic Vocalists & Instrumentalists – For earning District One recognition: Devin Adams-Bass, Angela Alcock-Tenor, Alisha Blumenthal-Treble, Elijah Bragg-Bass, Kyle Burgess-Bass, Jonna Casoli-Treble, Natasha Ciance-Alto, Emma Faith-Soprano, Aaron Gagne-Tenor, Brian Gooze-Bass, Kyle Hanson-Bass, James Hill-Bass, Marrissa Ireland-Treble, Rebecca Malloy-Treble, Hailey Marnell-Treble, Connor Mayhew-Bass, Hannah Newman-Treble, Zachary Peters-Tenor, Forest Ravensky-Bass, Sean Rogers-Tenor, Lauren Stetson-Soprano, Nicole Verrill-Soprano, Brianna Willey-Soprano, Carter Raymond-Trumpet, John Secunde-Saxaphone, Karissa Lamberson-Violin, Erin Leach-Flute, Justin Leach-Trombone and Olivia Whitehouse-Clarinet. A judge shared: “We always know the MHS Students because they are always well-attired, have great audition skills and know how to sight-read!” WOW!

Can students be dismissed from assemblies? – In order to not interrupt our assemblies, ensure a respectful audience for speakers and visitors, to not distract participants and to not take staff away from crowd control and safety obligations, the answer is no. With 1200-plus students and staff in our gym it is impossible for us to pull a student out of an assembly. If your son or daughter is to be dismissed during the time when there is an assembly, they must tell us in advance and we will have them wait in our cafeteria. Thanking you in advance for your support of proper audience respect at MHS!

We can’t be the – Last ones to find out! Over the last month several students have come to MHS with medical needs and/or new conditions that we did not know about until either the student told someone or the friend of a student told us. This can’t happen this way for many reasons. For safety reasons, please make sure that if your son or daughter has new or changed medical needs, our school nurse Mrs. Gerrish and the Main Office at the West Building are told about it as soon as you know! Thanks!

Congratulations go to – The following new members of the MHS National Honor Society who were inducted at MHS last Thursday evening: Seniors Heather Everett, Emma Faith, Kaylin Leclerc and Emily Schupp and Juniors Mariah Arral, Abbigayle Beauchesne, Olivia Bradley, Shauna Crowley, Daneille Ewing, Samuel Johnston, Jolena Lampron, Tricia Lepage, Seamus Lynch, Augustus Cuthbert Mendoza, Zachary Peters, Leighton Phinney, Dorothy Plumpton, Monica St. Amand, Alexandrea Staples, McKenzi Stevens, Nicholas Vigue and Rayne Whitten. A very deserving new group!

Tuesday night’s band concert along with our combined chorus and band concert Wednesday AM - Showcased what hard work, dedication and talent can look like! Our kids have much to offer and be proud of and we are fortunate to be associated with students such as these. We are also very proud to be associated with a staff that calls their directors Dr. Peter Stickney and Mr. Adam Goad members!

The Maine State Board of Education visited MHS - This past Wednesday with several members of the State Board of Education commenting that they were impressed with the many students and staff they met on their visit. They were impressed with not only the work that they saw, but with the respect that they were shown by ALL! Well-done “MUSTANG Nation!”

Massabesic Senior, Sarah Connelly and former MHS Graduate Sam Gray - Have been cast in two leading roles in a play being directed by MHS Staff Member Stephanie Moline for the Samuel French Theatre Festival in New York. Break a leg!

MHS Band visited Line Elementary School - On Thursday, November 15th. Line School Principal, Mrs. Pat Durgin shared the following: “Thanks so much for coming over to Line School this week. Our students thoroughly enjoyed it and it was wonderful seeing our Line students! I was impressed with the performance of the band and the selections you chose. Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the year.”

“On the Spot” Admissions - For the University of New England at MHS will be on Friday, Dec 7th! An admissions representative will be here all day. Seniors who have signed up for an appointment will meet with the admissions rep. for an admission interview and review of application materials. Students will receive their decision at that meeting. The application fee will be waived; it counts for Early Action, and there is no obligation to commit to UNE. Some students will also be offered merit scholarships at this time. This is an excellent opportunity both to obtain an admissions decision “on the spot” and also to gain valuable feedback about the application. For more information and to make an appointment, come to the Guidance Office or see your guidance counselor. Thanks!

Three cheers go to the following MHS Students who have earned recognition as MHS Honored Students:

September: Alexis Abbott, Sean Adams, Nathan Baert, Taylor Beaulieu, Jacob Bedard, Riley Bradeen, John Caramihalis, Eric Carroll, Kyle Caton, Brianna Chamberlain, Jake Cohen, Shayna Davis, Emma DesVergnes, Stephen Duffy, Renee Dugas, Alissa Duval, Heather Everett, Julia Gallaher, Elizabeth Garrett, Peter Gilman, Jacqueline Guillmette, Erica Guimond, Chelsey Hammond, Dylan Hanson, Jacob Higgins, James Hill, Matthew Hill, Megan Hill, Kyle Hollway, Jazmyn Ireland, Samuel Johnston, Ashley Jolly, Sara Jordanhazy, Desiree Labbe, Erin Leach, Ashley Leclerc, Nicole LoConte, Steven Lord, Keilly Lynch, Adam Marcotte, Dylan Martin, Taylor Martin, Augustus Mendoza, Andrew Mongiat, Bailey Ohman, Jonathan Ohman, Sarah Oldenburg, Baxter Parent, Paul Peck, Morris Perham, Jane Pettit, Brandon Roberge, Nicole Roberge, Gaije Roy, Madison Russell, John Secunde, Rebecca Smith, Riley Smith, Austin St. Ours, Nick Staples, Sarah Szymczak, Harrison Theriault, Angel Velez, Nick Vigue, Alyssa Wardwell, Angel Waters, Travis Welch, Caleb Whittemore, Andrew Wicklund and Erica Williams!

October: Abbey Auger, Abbigayle Beauchesne, Cassandra Belmore, Janelle Boisvert, Olivia Bradley, Breyton Brown, Matthew Buck, Jillian Cadman, Melissa Carmichael, Kyle Caton, Brianna Chamberlain, Steven Cheth, Troy Cloutier, Alecia Connolly, Shayna Davis, Elaine Dudley, Hannah Duffy, Nathaniel Dukes, Cassie Duranceau, Brianna Durkan, Heather Everett, Emily Foglio, Hannah Garland, Shaunee Glancy, Brian Gooze, Dylan Hanson, Nathaniel Hayes, Kassidy Hill, Nathan Hill, Lori Holleran, Taylor Hudson, Daniel Johnson, Kaelyn Kuni, Mira Kuni, Garrett LaFrance, Jolena Lampron, Andrew Lee, Abigail Lemieux, Edwin Lewis, Kimberly Lewis, Gemma  Lundrigan, Tiana Madore, Michelle Mailhot, Alecia Mariello, Emily Martin, Phoebe Masse, Roshelle Morrison, John Newman, Zachary Papapetrou, Karlie Pike, Zachary Plante, Margaret Redman, Michael Roux, Ashley Russell, aAron Sabine, Desiree Saucier, Meagan Snow, Nicholas Staples, Jacqueline Stolo, Branden Strid, Brittney Thoits, Andrew Tibbetts, Gwen Vansandt, Nicole Verrill, Olivia Wagner, Emily Wasina, Matthew Wass, Hannah Waugh, Kelley Wescott, Kyle Weymouth, Keara White and Olivia Whitehouse!

Thanks for Listening!

Christian M. Elkington, Principal