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Principal's Letter to Parents/Guardians 3-1-13

posted Mar 3, 2013, 9:26 AM by Massabesic highschool   [ updated Mar 3, 2013, 9:28 AM ]

March 1, 2013

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,


As we move towards the end of the Winter Trimester and final exams, along with course signups for next year, I have several points of info to share with you.


Important Dates:

-        3-04-13 8th Grade Parent/Student Night 6:30 PM

-        3-05-13 Winter Band Concert 7:00 PM

-        3-06-13 Winter Chorus Concert 7:00 PM

-        3-07-13 Senior Scholarship Packets handed out in Advisory

-        3-07-13 One Act Play Macbeth at MHS 7:30 PM

-        3-08-13 Course Signup Sheets for 2013-2014 due in the MHS Guidance Office

-        3-08-13 Day 1 Winter Exams

-        3-11-13 Day 2 Winter Exams

-        3-12-13 Day 3 Winter Exams

-        3-12-13 8th Grade Curriculum & Activity Review Night 6:30 PM

-        3-13-13 Day 4 Winter Exams

-        3-14-13 Staff Workshop Day NO SCHOOL

-        3-15-13 Staff Workshop Day NO SCHOOL

-        3-18-13 Spring Trimester Begins


Final Exams – Are starting next week. Schedules were handed out to students during Advisory today. The freshman schedule is different and Freshmen will be getting their team schedules by the end of the day Monday. Sophomores – Seniors will be following the schedule below. The four days will for the most part go as follows:

-        3-08-13 Day 1 finals (BLKS 1 & 2) w/afternoon make-up & study time

-        3-11-13 Day 2 finals  (BLK 3 & Activity) w/afternoon makeup & study time

-        3-12-13 Day 3 final (BLK 4) w/AM & afternoon makeup & study time

-        3-13-13 Day 4 final (BLK 5) w/AM Finals makeup only


We expect ALL Freshmen to be at MHS, all four days!


Incomplete Make-Up & Exam Study Time during exam days  – Is set aside for students to do one of three things:

-        Study independently for final exams

-        Check-in with teachers for some additional support in studying for final exams

-        Work with the classroom teacher of the course where the student would be considered at least at Incomplete at the time of finals


The following Incomplete Definition – Is used to determine if students can finish last minute assessments:

o   Is missing a few assessments/assignments or standards needing to be completed

o   Is missing a few assessments/assignments that have been handed back for the student to redo

o   Has completed at least 55% of the standards and/or has at least a 55 Avg. with at least 2’s or better on their MHS Work Habits expectations for that class.


During Study Time, Sophomore through Senior Students are expected to work with the teachers of the classes in which they meet the above criteria. Failure to do so will result in the student losing Incomplete Status and the opportunity to finish the course for a passing grade after the Winter Trimester ends.


I am sorry to say – That we have been forced to deal with a number of concerns at MHS during January and February that we haven’t seen much of in previous months or years. Increasing: Use of poor language, damage to school property and Grafitti have been occurring more and more. We are looking into these concerns, dealing with them when they occur, and look forward to the conduct and respect we expect, which has been demonstrated by a large majority of our students in the past. We need to return to the “Mustang Nation” we expect and need!


FAME College Goal Night - For help with the FAFSA brought in about 25 families who took advantage of this assistance!


Class Dues – Can be paid by students and families at any time. We recommend that students along with their parents/guardians, pay dues sooner rather than later and not wait until a student’s Junior or Senior Year. Since many members of our communities have had to tighten their belts, payment plans for class dues, say $10.00 per month, have been and can be set up, by working with the advisors of your son or daughter’s class. Please communicate needs to your son/daughter’s advisor. Advisors and dues are as follows: Class of 2013 ($75.00) Mrs. Pellegrino & Mr. Dalton; Class of 2014 ($70.00) Mrs. Penny & Mr. Hazen; Class of 2015 ($60.00) Mrs. Carroll & Mrs. Kendall; and for the Class of 2016 ($50.00) Mrs. Dallaire & Mrs. Stephenson. If a student transfers to another school, funds will be transferred to the new school’s appropriate class.


Our "You Can Get there from Here!" – College planning night on February 6th had fair attendance, but not what we had hoped for. If you missed this event and would like information shared, including planning timeline and important tips on college searching and getting the most financial assistance possible, please contact your son or daughter’s counselor!


MHS Community Service Honors Program – Is a voluntary program honoring students who complete 100 or more hours of voluntary community service work at not-for-profit establishments. Students MUST turn in documentation of their work to our school’s guidance office. For more information please refer to our school’s website under the guidance department/community service section. Highlights of this information: Hours must be completed during the student's high school years, students are encouraged to keep copies of the hours they complete, parents may not sign off on their own children's hours, hours must be turned in within four months of the date of completion. The Class of 2012 documented over 11,000 hours! Our communities appreciate our students’ service and look forward to this number increasing!


Quite the honor – Goes to Sydney Pepin who is one of two Maine students named as Distinguished Finalists in the 2013 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, sponsored by Prudential Financial and the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Sydney raised more than $3,400 with sponsorships to create and distribute more than 250 "cancer support bags" filled with tissues, snacks, paper, pens, etc… Sydney’s project is supporting first-time chemotherapy and radiation therapy patients. Congratulations and thank you for your service, Sydney!


MHS Junior, Olivia Bradley – Has earned an Honorable Mention Award for her poetry submission, "Imperfect Snobs" and "Shameless Beggars" from the Scholastic Writing competition for the Northeast Region. Congratulations, Olivia!


A big WELL DONE goes to Alyssa Wardwell – Who has won the local DAR Essay Contest titled, "How did the Faith and Courage of Christopher Columbus give to Mankind a New World?" Alyssa's essay has been sent to the final statewide competition. Best wishes Alyssa!


The following MHS Students earned the honor to participate – In the District One Festival: Treble Choir Jonna Casoli, Hannah Newman and Marisa Ireland and Emma Faith, Angela Alcock, Aaraon Gagne, Zachary Peters, Sean Rogers, Devin Adams, Elijah Bragg, Brian Gooze, Kyle Hanson, James Hill and Forest Ravensky for Mixed Choir. Super Job!


The SRTC Culinary Arts Program – Has recognized Dan Meyers and Dimitri Writhington for their outstanding performance as participants at “The Great Chefs Tasting” fundraiser held at the Regatta Room in Eliot, ME. Well done Dan and Dimitri!

Congratulations go to the following MHS Students – For earning medals at the Southern Maine Special Olympics competition:


Gold Medals                 Silver Medals                Bronze Medals               “Effort” Medal

Matthew Archer             Hayley Bell                   Nickolai Dostanko           Angelica Bennett 

Al Marino                      Noah Harfoush                Andrew Kinney 

Dakota Murphy                                                      Olivia Wagner 


We are proud of you!


At the Western Maine Regional Track Meet  David Gerard lowered his school record in the 400, Branden Pratt lowered his record in the 600, while George Morrison broke the school mile record! Wow!


Congratulations go to our MHS Wrestling Team – On their 2nd place finish at the State Class A Championships. Seven of our eight MHS Wrestlers who earned the right to participate placed. Three cheers go to: Mike Aboud, Lucas Dion, Tyler Everett, Trevor Burns, Mike Risti and Josh Andrews who all took home 2nd place and to Tanner Andrews who placed 4th. Super Job Wrestlers!


Our MHS wrestling team also - Placed third at the Western Maine Class A Meet.  Josh Andrews and Tyler Everett earned Western Maine Championship victories. Tanner Andrews placed 2nd, Travis Walton placed 3rd and Trevor Burns placed 4th.


Congratulations go to our MHS Boys and Girls Swim Teams – On their performances at the State Class A Swim Meet. Our girls’ team placed 6th overall while our boys team finished 8th. Connor Mayhew finished 3rd in the 100 yd backstroke and 6th in the 200 yd. freestyle, Caleb Fuschillo finished 8th in the 50 yd. freestyle, Collin Chamberlain finished 8th in the 100 freestyle. For the girls Ashley Cryer placed 6th in the 200 IM and 9th in the 100 yd. back stroke, Elaine Dudley placed 2nd in the 200 freestyle and 7th in the 500 yd. free, Abbey Auger finished 8th in the 100 yd. breast stroke and our relay teams placed 7th in the  200 yd. medley and our 5th in the 400 yd. freestyle relay. This is the highest finish for our girls' swim team ever at the state meet! GREAT Job Swimmers!


At the Southwesterns Swim Meet – Our Girls’ Team had their best finish ever, 2nd place, 2 points out of 1st! Our boys team also did well placing 3rd. Connor Mayhew set a new school record in the 100-yard backstroke and Elaine Dudley set a new school record in the 200 yard freestyle. Other notable results for the girls Elaine Dudley placed 2nd in the 200 yard freestyle and 3rd in the 100 yard freestyle. Abbey Auger placed 3rd in the 100 yard Breaststroke, while Ashley Cryer, Tegan Quinton, Kaylond Mauzerolle, and Elaine Dudley won the girls 400 yard freestyle relay. For the boys, Caleb Fuschillo placed 3rd in the 50 freestyle and Connor Mayhew placed second in the 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke. Our boys placed 2nd in the 400-yard freestyle relay with Bailey Schneider, Collin Chamberlain, Cameron & Connor Mayhew.


Congratulations go to the following MHS Honored Students – For January: Angela Athearn, Matthew Aucoin, Nathan Baert, Janelle Boisvert, Kristen Boss, Brandon Bosse, Courtney Boucher, Crystel Boucher, Brandon Bowles, Olivia Bradley, Alyssa Bryan, Deanna Burnell, Melissa Carmichael, Jack Cavanaugh, Leanna Cole, Richard Cote, Hunter Coulombe, Kailey Daigle, Samantha Danis, Shayna Davis, Jacob Day, Casey Descoteaux, Julianne Dumond, Will Elwell, Mariah Etheridge, Emma Faith, Christopher Flynn, Emily Foglio, Krysten Forrester, Remington Gaetjens, Shantel Giguere, Amber-Lee Gill, Luke Gilman, Matthew Girouard, Ashley Goodwin, Dennis Green, Anthony Gregoire, Haley Gregoire, Chloe Gurney-Smith, Andrea Hamann, Caleb Harriman, Jacob Hougham, Matthew Hunt, Abby Johnson, Elizabeth Leclerc, Kari Ledoux, Abby Lemieux, Kyle Little, Theresa Long, Hannah Lundrigan, Rebecca Malloy, Austin Marhak, Hailey Marnell, Erica Martin, Jared McKenna, Autumn Nostrom, Neil O'Gane, Zachary Peters, Ben Poulin, Matt Prokey, Aleighsha Randall, Peter Riley, Jeremy Roberge, Ryin Rumery, Nicholas Saltmarsh, Noah Sawtelle, Austin St. Ours, Scott Stearns, Alex Tardiff, Danielle Tripp and Danielle Tulipano. Way to go!


I would like to end with an event where I was quite proud of the actions taken by our student body. We had a special short assembly before the break where we honored teams participating in state championships along with our students who had earned medals at Special Olympics! A very loud round of applause and congratulations went to our Special Olympians! Super Job “Mustang Nation!”


Thanks for reading this letter!


Very truly yours,


Christian M. Elkington