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June Letter to Parent & Guardians

posted Jun 10, 2014, 7:53 AM by Massabesic highschool   [ updated Jun 10, 2014, 9:25 AM ]

It is my hope that this note reaches you in good spirits with your son or daughter
successfully completing Trimester 3. As you have heard me share many times before, we
have great kids at Massabesic High School! A day does not go by when I am struck by at
least one or two outstanding efforts demonstrated by our students. As Principal I feel
honored to be working with and seeing the growth of so many fine young people within
our classrooms and on our playing fields. As we head to the end of our school year let me
take a moment to recognize several students who have honored “Mustang Nation” and
Massabesic High School with their efforts:

Congratulations go to – Devin Adams, winner of the Bangor Symphony's 2014 Maine
High School Concerto Competition. He performed as a bassoon soloist with the
Symphony at the annual Young People's Concerts on Monday, May 19th. WOW!
Congratulations go to – The Class of 2014’s Top Ten Percent:
Valedictorian: Rayne Whitten
Salutatorian: Olivia Bradley
Honor Essayist: Zachary Peters

Remaining students in alphabetical order: Mariah Arral, Abbigayle Beauchesne,
Caitlin Burke, Shauna Crowley, Julianne Dumond, Emily Foglio, Chelsie Goodwin
Samuel Johnston, Sara Kelley, Jolena Lampron, Seamus Lynch, Danielle Mailhot,
Michelle Mailhot, Haley Monroe, Bailey Ohman, Sarah Redman, Monica St. Amand
Alexandrea Staples, Lauren Stetson, McKenzi Stevens, Cote Taylor and Nicholas Vigue.
Congratulations go to the following MHS students – Who were selected for National
Technical Honor Society membership:
Alex Conner MHS CADD 2015
Jonathan Ohman MHS Automotive Technology 2015
Levi Mee MHS Precision Manufacturing 2015
Johnathn Theriault MHS Welding & Metal Fabrication 2015

I am pleased to report – That Alyssa Wardwell has been selected to return this year to
the Maine Youth Leadership Conference, this time as a Junior Counselor. Way to go!
Congratulations go to – Morgan Heavel for earning recognition by the National Merit
Scholarship Program. Great job Morgan!

Three cheers go to – Freshmen Katie Harper who has earned the harp position for
Maine's all-state orchestra! Great accomplishment Katie!
Congratulations go to the following MHS Students – For receiving the Massabesic
Lions Club Youth Recognition Award: Jolena Lampron, Jordan Bantz, Cody Leach,
Allison Dunlap and Elaine Dudley. Each was recognized for their efforts at service and
support within our communities! Super job!

It is my pleasure to announce the recipients of this year’s Most Improved Student
award, sponsored by the Portland Sea Dogs and NextGen College Investing for
MHS. Representing MHS: Shelby Adams, Kerriann Alexandre, Tanner Andrews,
Mathew Aucoin, Tia Ayers, Elijah Barker, Brianna Berube, Evynn Betters, Robert
Blanchard, Katlyn Brown, Kaitlan Buczek, Sean Burgett, Jillian Cadman, Kristoffer
Constantine, Jacob Day, William DeRosie, Michelle DuBois, Megan Dubois, Elisha
Dubowik, Christian DuPaul, Tyler Gagnon, Abigayle Haskell, Priscilla Hayward,
Christopher Hill, Craig Hodder, Jackson King, Andrew Lee, Austin Linteau, Chayne
Markie, Ashley Merrill, Jennifer Meserve, Adrianna Milburn, Ashleigh Miller, Amber
Mills, Jacob Oxton, Samuel Pawlowski, Jeremy Perreault, Aleighsha Randall, Karina
Raymond, Jeremy Roberge, Noah Sawtelle, Michael Scott, Joseph Semo, Monique
Sigala, Austin Smith, Lauren Stetson, Natalie Thayer, Jessica Toomey and Tyler Vance.


Honored Students for March: Helen Anderson, Mariah Arral, Madison Bantz, Tyler
Bear, Hayley Bell, Evynn Betters, Abrianna Bubar, Danielle Burbank, Jillian Cadman
Mikaela Callahan, Brittany Chamberlain, Jarred Chamberlain, Carissa Cline, Johnna Cote
Shyana Davis, Maquila Dimastrantonio, Jake Gailloux, Grace Gile, Michael Gimenez,
Haley Gregoire, Alexis Holden, Cody Johnstone, Jolena Lampron, Haley Lapoint, Katie
Lavigne, Cally Leach, Erin Leach, Justin Leach, Lindsey Maguire, Madison Martin,
Michaela Mastrangelo, Zachary McGrath, Nicole Mercier, Amber Mills, Isabella Moody
Thorsten Nichols, Dara Olszewski, Samantha Parker, Hannah Pazmany, Alyssa Perreault
Brittany Pettey, Fionna Richardson, Breanna Robinson, Xavier Rohner, Ashley Russell
Rebecca Smith, Monica St. Amand, Cailin Steeves, McKenzi Stevens, Hunter Vance,
Jake Vaznis, Nathan Verrill, Bryce Wenger, Kelley Wescott, Jonathan White, Andrew
Wicklund, Colby Williams and Erica Williams. Congratulations to you all!
Honored Students for April: Nate Baert, Madison Bantz, Jordan Bartlett, Jacob
Bergeron, Kadin Brown, Jeffery Bryan, Acadia Byther, Katie Dumont, Allison Dunlap,
Alyssa Elwell, Will Elwell, Rachel Ford, Dan Gile, Alyssa Goodwin, Ashley Goodwin,
Catherine Guillerault, Makayla Hilton, Bethany Houde, Cynthia Jarrett, Casey Johnston
Tim Johnson, Ashley Jones, Sara Kelley, Trystin Killer, Jordan King, Morgan Labbe
Roger Langlois, Isaac Libby, Kyle Little, Lindsey Maguire, Rosalie Mahoney, Michelle
Mailhot, Chayne Markie, Cheyenne McLaskey, Zion Mercado, Ashley Merrill, Roshelle
Morrison, Austin Murphy, John Ohman, Johnathan Paige, Lylliana Pelletier, Ben Poulin
Haley Poulin, Haylee Pryor, Raymond Rabida, Kyle Richard, Brandon Roberge, Dilan
Sanborn, Desiree Saucier, Alex Scott, Joseph Semo, Rylie Smith, Natalie Thayer, Cale
Thornton, Aaron Trost, Jak Vaznis, Alyssa Wardwell, Angel Waters and Kelley Wescott.

Thanks for all of your efforts!

In closing I would ask that you please take a moment to vote on our district school
budget this coming Tuesday, June 10th. It is most important that we get the greatest voice
possible sharing their thoughts about the work our schools are trying to do with our
communities’ most precious resource, our kids.
Thanks for taking the time to read this note!