Class of 2016

Senior Class Trip Details

This year's senior class trip is to Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park in Portland, CT on Sunday, June 5.  An exact agenda will be given to seniors and their parents in the coming weeks, but a quick overview of the day is below.  Please look at to see some great videos and photos of the park


We will leave MHS on coach buses around 7am, arriving at Brownstone around 10:30 am.  Students will have hours to swim, ride and play on a variety of enormous inflatable water toys, rock climb, zip line, cliff jump, hike, bike, jump from a rope swing, compete in adventure racing, and lounge around.  If a student wants to wakeboard he/she should let Mrs. Blair or Mrs. Stephenson know so a special pass can be purchased by the class of 2016 (individual students aren’t responsible for this cost). Lunch will be provided and we will board the buses to head back to MHS around closing time at 4pm.  We will stop for dinner at a rest stop on the way home where students are responsible for their own dinner.  The plan is to return to MHS around 9pm

My best,

Christian M. Elkington, Principal

Email to Senior Parents/Guardians & Seniors 5/4/16

Hi Class of 2016 Parents, Guardians and Seniors:

Please see the attached waiver for your son/daughter's Senior Class Trip. It needs to be returned to one of our class advisors, Mrs. Blair or Mrs. Stephenson, by MAY 12th at the latest.

If your son or daughter wants to also do a wakeboard on this trip please see or send an e-mail to one of our advisors as this is an additional rental. If your son or daughter is NOT planning to go on the trip please send an e-mail or see an advisor to let them know.   

Lastly, nominations for the class song are to be taken to the box in the library media center, starting Friday May 6th. Voting for the class song will be on Friday May 13th

My best,

Christian M. Elkington


Email to Senior Parents/Guardians 4/24/16.....

Hi All! We continue to try and make sure that every one of our seniors in academic difficulty has the best chance possible to graduate with their class in June. We have again set up some times for seniors to finish missing and/or poor quality work not yet at proficiency.

I am sending out this email to reinforce what was shared with you by our guidance counselors right before the break. Our records indicate that your son or daughter needs to be here after school on Tuesday and Thursday and to stay here from 11:15-2:00 for this week's Early Release Wednesday to complete make-up work. At least one of your son/daughter’s teachers has shared that they have overdue work, which needs to be completed. If your son or daughter feels this is an error they need to check with all of their teachers and/or to meet with Mr. Morin tomorrow so we can see if they are correct or if they are dreaming.

Your son/daughter MUST be here to make up overdue work from the beginning of the 2nd semester until April 14th. This week if they are not here Tuesday and Thursday (2:00 - 3:00 PM), and do not stay from 11:15-2:00 during this Wednesday they will not be allowed to make up this work until Credit Recovery Summer School, which takes place at the end of June. For those that make this poor choice it will mean they will NOT be receiving their diploma or participating in graduation, on June 9th.

As I shared previously, students in this boat have been given opportunities by their teachers to complete work and have not taken advantage of them. If your son or daughter is in this boat they have this chance to make a good faith effort by both being here and working on what they owe. If they don’t take advantage and they need this work to earn credit for graduation then they won’t be graduating on June 9th with their class! 

When your son or daughter complete's work Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and they think they are all set they are not to leave or stop coming until an MHS Administrator checks with the teacher who assigned the work to see if they have now met minimum proficiency. This means that some students will wait and continue to return each day until the work is corrected.

Thanks in advance for your help in supporting your son or daughter to make the right choice by being at MHS this!

My best,

Christian M. Elkington

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