March 10th Update from Mr. Elkington

"Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is my pleasure to share the following “Mustang Nation” information with you:

Sophomores & Juniors Sanford Regional Technical Center applications – Are due this Friday, March 14th. Applications for the 2014-2015 school year can be found on the SRTC website. Juniors can apply for the three, one-year programs SRTC offers only. 
My best,

Christian Elkington
Massabesic High School

Hi All! Hope you have had a wonderful February Break and are coming back refreshed to finish your Winter Trimester in a strong fashion!

As we restart school this Monday, February 24th let me both congratulate several members of "Mustang Nation" for their efforts at representing our school and themselves with distinction over the last week along with reminding everyone of some topics I discussed with you before the break.

- Our Girl's Varsity Swim Team, which finished 7th at the state meet and won the Class A Sportsmanship Award!

- Our Varsity Wrestling Team earned the Class A Runner-up Plaque at the state meet! Three Mustangs won individual state championships: Tyler Everett, Mike Risti and Jordan Drain!

- Our Varsity Cheerleaders earned 2nd Place at the Scarborough Invitational! The best I have seen them look in years!

- Our Boy's Varsity Swim Team, finished 4th at the state meet!

We are very proud of your efforts! Way to go "Mustang Nation!"


- If you know of a fellow student needing some kind of support because of social-emotional and/or academic difficulties please let an adult at MHS know, so we can try and help! Thanks!

- Please don't forget the 10-Day Work Completion expectations. You have ten days to revise work passed back to have the opportunity to earn a 3 or better. Don't lose out on this option!

- Respect of each other starts with actions and words! As discussed previously we have seen a reduction in the proper use of language in our hallways recently. Proper language is important in the world of work and at MHS! We need to improve our use of respectful language immediately!

- Cell phones are interrupting learning! Over two years ago we discussed how important it is to trust our students in making positive decisions. One step we took was in allowing cell phone use in-between classes and at lunch. Unfortunately, several students are taking advantage of this trust and are using them in class, in bathrooms and in hallways during class time. Cell phones are NOT to be out during class time, unless you have teacher permission for an academic pursuit. Cell phones found out during class, in hallways etc. are to be confiscated with a 1-hour detention assigned!

- Lastly, campus cleanliness is all of OUR responsibility! We all need to do a better job of making sure the rubbish we create is thrown in trash containers around our school! Everyone's help is very much appreciated!

Welcome back!

My best,
Christian Elkington


Hi All! We need your help!

In order to prepare for future use we need all students to begin the process of updating their iPads. If you haven't already please update your iPad operating system to the iOS 7.0.4 before returning from break.

To do this please follow the path:

Settings - General - Software Update and click on the iOS 7.0.6 update.

Some of you may have already updated your operating system, in this case you are all set.
My best,

Christian Elkington
Massabesic High School


"Hi All! As we move to the end of the Fall Trimester there are a few pieces of info I need to update you on:

Paper Memos - To students, from me, will no longer take place. Although it took some time to get this set up I now have all students MHS Student Email addresses set up. So now that we are one to one with technology I no longer need to use paper with you. This should make it much easier for me to share info with you on an ongoing basis.

End of Trimester - Is upon us. I hope that each of you is finishing this trimester as best as you possible can! Those who are still behind by mid-day on Tuesday will still have the opportunity to complete assessments and learning through work with the course teacher, Credit Recover School after school or an Intervention Course during our school day. Please make sure to take advantage of one of these offerings. Choosing not to take advantage means making up an entire course later on and that is not the best use of your time!
Hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving Break and look forward to your return on Monday, December 2nd!"