Honored Student Criteria

MHS Honored StudentCriteria (9-23-13)


The MHS Honored Student criteria, is based on our school’s mission and RSU 57’s Vision for educational success. Each month teachers at MHS nominate students to earn this recognition based on the following:

RSU 57’s Vision for Educational Success 

RSU 57 is a leader on the forefront of education where all individuals* are involved in high quality learning for the future.

RSU 57’s vision of Learning is:

·       Each individual is a critical and innovative thinker who adapts to new ideas

·       Each individual can learn at different times, in different places, in different ways, in our flexible learning environment

·       Each individual has voice and choice within a comprehensive, rigorous, and relevant curriculum

·       Each individual applies a solid foundation in learning to real world situations and uses a strong work ethic for success

RSU 57’s vision of Respect and Responsibility is:

·       Each individual shares in the accountability for his/her learning

·       Each individual accepts differences of others

·       Each individual contributes to a safe learning environment

RSU 57’s vision of A Collaborative Environment is:

·       Each individual contributes multiple resources in building a strong educational community

·       Each individual is a partner in learning through continuous and open communication

·       Each individual recognizes his/her role and participates in the educational community

RSU 57’s vision of Technology is:

·       Each individual determines the accuracy and credibility of information to make informed decisions and produce quality work

·       Each individual uses technology to communicate respectfully, both locally and globally

·       Each individual has access to technology in applied learning

RSU 57 creates unique educational experiences for all individuals. We value and support customized learning toward the achievement of personal success.