Hello MHS Families!

Below you will find the 2018-2019 course registration forms. Most of your sons and daughters received their forms this week in their English class- so please ask them for this form!

Though the forms require your signature at the bottom of the 2nd page, all students must receive signatures from their Core teachers and, in some cases, elective teachers. Their signature indicates the level of the course they are recommending for your son or daughter.

MHS Guidance strongly recommends that you do not sign this form until your son or daughter's forms are signed by his/her teachers. You will then be able to review the recommended placement and then check off the appropriate description at the bottom of page 2-indicating whether or not you agree with the recommended level placement.

Please encourage your sons and/or daughters to have this form completed, signed by you and returned to their Advisory teacher on or before Monday, March 12th. Doing so will give them the best opportunity for getting their first choice of elective courses for the next school year.

Please contact your son or daughter's guidance counselor with any questions.

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