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Welcome to the online parent teacher conference scheduling system.  It is our hope that this system will provide an easier and more efficient way for you to sign up for conferences.  With this system you will have more control over the times and teachers you would like to see.  If you have more than one student at MHS it should also make it easier to schedule times for both students without conflicts.  Please use the tutorials below to help you learn to use the new system. 
Freshman Parents: Please note you should only select ONE conference for your son or daughter’s specific team. If your child has an off team core teacher, please stick to the team where the majority of their classes are based. In addition to the TEAM conference, you may also opt to meet with the elective teachers such as Wellness, World Languages, Music, Technology, Art, etc.

Send any feed back to Audree Roy using PTCfast in the subject bar.  
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PTC Fast Parent Sign Up Guide

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Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up Tutorial