SBD Approved Recommendations and Changes Memo

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2-8-16 SBD Approved Recommendations and Changes Memo

Date: 2-8-16
The following are the recommendations approved by the Curriculum Committee last
year. If a change is being requested you will see it highlighted.
1.) Which class will graduate with a SBD?
Approved recommendation:
- Class of 2019
Requested changes:
– Move to the Class of 2020.
-- Start with the 4 core areas and the Guiding Principles as RSU57’s
expectation for the Class of 2020.
2.) How will we report student proficiency to Students, Parents & Guardians?
Approved recommendations:
- Learning Targets to receive a score based on a rubric, reported
by target in Empower.
- A non-weighted 4.0 College Rubric Scale will be used.
- LT scores will be based on evidence collected within a course.
- LT progress will be reported by course/ semester.
3.) How will we assess content area/strand proficiency on the transcript?
Approved recommendations:
- To average the final LT’s under their Measurement Topic.
- For Empower to show an in-progress average of the LTs so
that teachers, students, parents & guardians can see overall
MT progress.
4.) What will be our proficiency baseline score for the Class of 2019?
Approved recommendations:
- A student must earn an average score of 2.75 on each MT
within a course and within each strand (subject)
- That a student can’t receive any individual LT scores below a
Requested changes:
- Overall MT/Course Score to be 2.5.
- 80% of MTs must meet this expectation in each subject area
graduation requirement for the Class of 2020.
- For the Class of 2019 and all proceeding classes a course grade
of a 2.5 is the minimum needed to ear credit.
- For students with an IEP, the IEP Team will determine
foundational knowledge expectations for those areas the student is
identified w/a disability in.
5.) Do we allow for quarter points above 2.0?
Approved recommendation:
- No, only .5 increments will be used
6.) Will LT scores below a 2 be recorded?
Approved recommendation:
- No, student scores below 2 will be considered:
o IP for In-Progress
7.) How will we assess Maine’s Guiding Principle proficiency?
Approved recommendations:
- To convert from the present three MHS Work Habits to the
five Maine State Guiding Principles.
- For each course to report progress in meeting 2 Guiding
Principles (#s 2 & 4), by course as we did with the MHS Work
Habits, using school-wide rubrics.
- To earn the RSU 57 Standards-Based Diploma students for the
class of 2019 and all classes thereafter must have an average of
2.75 on each individual Guiding Principle by the end of their
7th semester of their senior year.
- That the remaining three Guiding Principles (#s 1, 3, & 5) be
assessed through a student-developed, evidence-based portfolio
supported through their Advisor in the MHS Advisory
Requested change:
- The Guiding Principle score for each GP will be a 2.5
8.) What will progress reports look like?
Approved recommendations:
- The progress and report card will report out on LTs &
Guiding Principles B & D by course
- The transcript will report out on LT proficiency by reporting
out on Measurement Topics (MTs)
o The overall MT score will be determined by an average
of the LT’s under that MT.
9.) Will students have the opportunity to earn advanced recognition?
Approved recommendations:
- Yes, using a college Dean’s List system after each semester
- We will use the college Latin Summa, Magna, & Cum Laude
process (Potential to have several students meeting Summa
Cum Laude honors using a non-weighted 4.0 scale)
- Students will be able to earn the Latin Summa, Magna, Cum
Laude recognition in each of the eight content areas (math,
science English etc.)
- Students will be able to earn a Latin Summa, Magna, or Cum
Laude Diploma
10.) What do we do about the State’s World Language expectations?
Approved recommendations:
- That we go with an immersion program in one language at
MHS (Spanish because 1/5 of the world’s pop. speaks Spanish)
- That we go with conversational expectations, to meet the state
- That we allow students to take alternatives to Spanish through
online options
- That we start to phase-out French starting in 17-18 (16-17 last
year we offer French 1), as the state law expects us to have all
students demonstrating some World Language proficiency in
order to graduate and to have World Language expectations
for students each year
Requested changes –
-That we continue to look at immersion options 6-12 &
-That we wait to see what the state suggests before our next
11.) Will there be, one MHS Diploma or will there be diploma options for
graduating students?
Approved recommendation:
- One diploma with four different levels of academic recognition/
distinction, where students can receive an MHS Standards-
Based Diploma or a Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and
Summa Cum Laude Standards-Based Diploma
12.) Are there to be added expectations for a student earning a Standards-
Based Diploma in RSU #57?
Approved recommendations:
a. Yes
b. 50 Service Learning/Community Service hours
c. For each student to complete a portfolio to demonstrate
proficiency in meeting Guiding Principles 1, 3, & 5
i. A Sophomore Exhibition for the end of sophomore year
ii. A culminating Senior Project/ Experience to be completed
and presented in a student’s senior year