MHS Homecoming 2022!
3 days ago, Brendan Scully
MHS Homecoming 22
Changes to events today 1. There are no practices or events for athletics at MMS today. MMS CC is cancelled. 2. MHS Boys and Girls Soccer @ Marshwood is cancelled and rescheduled for Saturday morning. 10am JV Girls, 12pm JV Girls. 10am V Boys. No JV boys this day. 3. Golf today vs Kennebunk is cancelled.
4 days ago, Brendan Scully
Please review the letter attached to this message regarding our Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) program here at MHS. Such a great opportunity for students to grow and learn!
4 days ago, Massabesic High School
NJROTC Letter 9.22.22
Please review the letter attached to this message regarding meetings of the newly formed Student Advisory Team as we all work toward continual school improvement.
5 days ago, Massabesic High School
Student Advisory Team Letter
Please review the letter attached to this message regarding MHS Student Vehicle Registrations/Student Vehicle Searches.
7 days ago, Massabesic High School
Student Vehicle Searches 9.19.22
Service Member Recognition Night Tonight the Massabesic High School Football team will be hosting South Portland at 7pm. Our team will be wearing jerseys provided by the National Guard as a gesture, honoring those who have served locally and beyond. The National Guard provides these jerseys weekly to schools in Maine, free of charge, as a part of their efforts to recognize and honor our service members past and present. As a part of this evening's events we will be doing a collection in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. Spectators will have the opportunity to donate to this cause at the ticket booths upon entry to the game. We thank you for your continued support of our teams and hope you enjoy the game! Go Mustangs!
10 days ago, Brendan Scully
Say Something - Anonymous Reporting Platform It is our responsibility as a school community to keep one another safe and informed. If someone is in danger, or causing danger, we have a responsibility to help. At times it can be difficult or uncomfortable to report unsafe behavior. The 'Say Something' platform is for anonymous reporting to keep all students safe. The premise is simple - if you see/hear something, say something. Together we can keep each other safe and comfortable at MHS. ('Say Something' flyer is attached to this message)
11 days ago, Massabesic High School
Say Something Flyer
Hello Mustang Nation, As a result of recent communication surrounding increased enforcement of district policies we have been impressed with the mature, appropriate, and professional advocacy from RSU 57 students. This advocacy was anticipated and was welcomed as we believe strongly in promoting student voice and student involvement in the education process. One point of emphasis from this advocacy was the request to highlight measures and procedures to safeguard students who may be subject to bullying, harassment, or discrimination from others as the school community adjusts to enforcement of school operation policies. To that end the several policies and the MHS Family Handbook were linked in emails to students and parents for your review. I want to personally thank the advocacy of our students, and one MHS student in particular - it is not easy to step forward in this manner, but it is a good sign that as a school community we are doing some good things to empower our students to work toward a better future through dialogue, discussion, and appropriate compromise. -Mr. Thurlow
12 days ago, Massabesic High School
Hello Mustang Nation, Please see the attached letter and policies regarding increased enforcement of Student Dress expectations at Massabesic High School.
12 days ago, Massabesic High School
Student Dress Letter 9.14.22
RSU #57 Policy JICA
RSU #57 Policy JICA-R
Todays MHS Girls Soccer Game at Westbrook has been moved to tomorrow. Varsity only. 4:30pm. Todays JV and V Field hockey Games at Windham have been moved to tomorrow. 4pm V / 5:30pm JV
13 days ago, Brendan Scully
Synergy Update: ParentVue of Student Attendance MHS has received requests to revisit the way that our Synergy platform records and reports student daily attendance. After reviewing options with our Technology Team and Attendance Team we have arrived at the following configuration: 1. Student daily attendance in ParentVue will folllow a configuration that allows parents accurate updates for their student attendance (daily & block by block) when parents access the 'Attendance' screen in the ParentVue application. 2. The school will continue to send alerts at 9:30 am and 5:30 pm to notify parents of student tardies and absences. 3. This configuration will not send push notifications to parents each time a student is tardy or absent from a particular block - this is a departure from some configurations in the past. 4. There are internal checks and balances that are monitored by school staff to locate tardy and absent students and return them to class as soon as possible. 5. This approach matches the current middle school configuration for ParentVue as well. Thank you.
14 days ago, Massabesic High School
A MESSAGE FROM MR. LAVERTU! Hello MHS Students, As we begin our third week in this school year, I want to be sure to tell you all how pleased I am with how this school year has begun. Amidst the changes in some of the daily procedures, as well as adjustments to various student schedules, you have entered this school year in stride and please know that we appreciate your efforts. With that being said, I also want to relay a couple of simple reminders regarding our procedures here for the 22-23 year. 1. When leaving the classroom, please remember to have a signed pass. 2. Please remember that the vending machines can be used prior to school, during your scheduled lunch block, or after school. Students should not be accessing the machines outside of these times. 3. If you transport yourself and have either early dismissal and/or late arrival, please be sure to check in at the Main Office upon arrival to school and prior to leaving school grounds Thank you all! -- Scott Lavertu Assistant Principal Massabesic High School
14 days ago, Massabesic High School
The address for tonights football game at Cony High School is 60 Pierce Dr Augusta, Me.
17 days ago, Brendan Scully
Hello Mustang Nation, Travel this morning may be impacted by dense fog in many, many areas. Please be aware that some arrivals may be delayed. As of right now our buses are rolling per their normal routines and are on time. However, travel has been slowed across the region - our student drivers, and parents dropping off students, may be impacted. Travel safely!
18 days ago, Massabesic High School
Hello Mustang Nation, The Synergy issues we were experiencing earlier today appear to be resolved. Many thanks to our tech team for their work to get us back on track. Tomorrow the MHS staff will discuss our Add/Drop deadline due to the pause in our scheduling work today. We very much appreciate your patience and understanding. Onward and upward! -Mr. Thurlow
19 days ago, Massabesic High School
Hello Mustang Nation, We are experiencing some issues with our Synergy platform. Our tech team is working diligently to rectify the issues as quickly as possible. These issues are affecting our ability to move forward with scheduling. Our guidance department is currently at a standstill until we find a resolution. We understand this is frustrating. We are discussing our Add/Drop deadline due to this pause in our work. We appreciate your patience and understanding as our skilled tech team resolves these issues. We will provide updates as new information becomes available. -Mr. Thurlow
20 days ago, Massabesic High School
Reminder. All parking for tomorrows 7pm Varsity Football game vs Deering will be in the MHS teacher and students lots. Cars will not be allowed to park at the stadium. There is handicapped parking available at the stadium as needed. There have been lines at the South (school side) gate so we recommend arriving 15 min before kick off so as not to miss any of the action. We thank you for your support! Go Mustangs!
26 days ago, Brendan Scully
MHS campus events are already underway for the 2022-2023 school year. We love hosting events and we love having spectators! Please see the attached letter regarding spectator supervision of middle school and elementary school students. Go, Mustangs!
26 days ago, Massabesic High School
Spectator Supervision 8.31.22
Parent/Guardian Arrival & Dismissal Procedures 1. During morning arrival, if you are transporting your student to the high school, when driving in front of the West Building please pull your vehicle towards the end of the front driveway. This will allow for vehicles to more easily pull on to the campus from the West Road. 2. During afternoon dismissal, if you are transporting your student from the high school, upon entering the campus please follow the direction of staff who will be guiding vehicles to use two lanes in the front driveway of the West Building. Thank you for your support with these procedures.
27 days ago, Massabesic High School
Sharing a few snapshots of our time with our Grade 9 students - both and staff students enjoyed a great (but warm) day!
28 days ago, Massabesic High School
Upperclassmen Helpers
Grade 9 Field Day
T-Shirt Anyone?
Class of 2026 Smiles!